Top 10 Casinos Worldwide

Everyone of us from time to time wants to see if Lady Luck will favour us. One of the men’s desire is to feel risk and excitement. We can get it thanks to gambling and casinos. Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Moscow…There are a lot of places to gamble, but only some of them are really unique and totally exclusive. If you want to feel the thrill and you want to experience it in the world-class casino, than sit down comfortably and read this article. We will present you the best Top 10 Casinos Worldwide. It will be one of the most wonderful moment in your life when you stay at one of these places. Take a look and choose the best casino for you…

10. Ibiza Gran Hotel – Spain

This place stands out a wonderful location and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. If you want to experience both relaxation and feeling of risk during gambling, then the Ibiza Gran Hotel is a great choice. The hotel suites are uniquely designed and stylish. Definitely, you will feel comfortably. Additionally, there is a full-service spa, where you can relax after gambling. The casino of Ibiza de Grand is fully equipped. You will spend your time at the gaming tables, slot machines or you can take part in the Texas hold’em tournaments. The time spending in the Casino provides you a lot of action.

9. Casino Baden-Baden – Germany

The German name of this Casino is Kurhaus. This place is situated in the western Germany, across the Oosbach River. The Baden-Baden Casino is unique, because this is the oldest and biggest Casino in the Germany. The place consists of two parts: the right wing and the left wing. There is a world-class restaurant in the left wing of the Kurhaus, where you can try splendid and unforgettable dishes. On the other wing, you will find the casino, which was opened in 1809. The building was closed two times in the history. It was happened during first and second world war. According to many famous people, Baden-Baden Casino is the most excellent casino in the world.

8. Casino Metropol – Moscow, Russia

Casino Metropol is a part of Metropol Hotel in Moscow. This is one of the most famous casino in the world. The casino is located in the neighbourhood of Kremlin and Red Square. The place is opened 24 hours a day. The hotel was built in the end of nineteenth century. Instead of this, the hotel is one of the most modern hotels in the world, because of the plenty renovations. There are 11 tables for guests and amateurs of gambling. The building was designed by William Walcott. The place was visited by as famous people as Tolstoy, Michael Jackson, Bernard Shaw, and also prime ministers and presidents of foreign countries.

7. Sun City – South Africa

It is a large recreation complex, which was built by businessman Sol Kerzner. It is located two hours drive from Johannesburg. According to a lot of people who have visited this place, it is one of the most magical places on our planet. Sun City consists of 4 hotels, a large pool, golf courses, a private national park and of course casino. The name of the casino is the Palace of the Lost City, which is linked to the hotel by the Bridge of Time. Inside the Palace of the Lost City you can find 38 gaming tables, 852 slot installations and a wide choice of different games. There is also a gambling school to learn the games, including: roulette, craps, blackjack or baccarat. The recreation complex is located in the shadows of magical gardens, waterfalls and tropical birds, which cause you will feel like in the middle of jungle.

6. Atlantis Hotel Resort – Bahamas

In a comparison to others casinos, Atlantis Casino has got windows and skylights around. The visitors can admire outside areas directly from the casino. The view around is wonderful and breathtaking. Atlantis Resort is a large complex. Instead of the casino and hotel, you can also find here beaches, underwater series of tunnels, tennis courts, replicas of Mayan temples and much more. An every single day in Atlantis Resort will be unique for you. If you want to do something more than only gambling, you can play golf, tennis, water sports or spend your time on the sparkling white beach. The hotel is high luxury and also one of the most expensive in the world. The price of suite is $25,000 per night. The casino is the largest in the Caribbean. There are 980 slot devices and 78 gaming tables. But this is only a small part what you can find in Atlantis Hotel Resort in Bahamas.

5. Mandarin Oriental – Macau, China

When you get in the Mandarin Oriental, you will feel like you are in a magical and unique place. Interior of this building is decorated and designed in Portuguese style. You have there an access to all modern accessories, including: high speed internet, television, DVD, mobile network and more. The Mandarin Oriental is located in the centre of Macau and near from China. The visitors who want to visit extra China after gambling, they can do it easily. The Casino offers as gambling game as roulette, baccarat, blackjack and some Chinese games as well. There are also great restaurants, where you can try international dishes, including: Chinese, Italian, Thai or Cantonese kitchen. If you choose Mandarin Oriental complex from the list of top 10 casinos worldwide, certainly you will not regret.

4. Casino de Monte Carlo – Monaco

Both, Las Vegas and Monte Carlo are the most famous places of worldwide gambling. Gentlemen in tuxedos and glamorous women glide through the large and wonderful rooms of the Casino de Monte Carlo, the sound of money and the smell of the expensive alcohol, this is the picture of Monte Carlo. Since the Prince of Monaco has opened the first casino in the second part of nineteenth century, Monaco is one of the most known worldwide centres of hazard. There are 316 slot machines and 35 gaming tables. There are also private gaming rooms, which are only available for VIP. This place stands out a wonderful location and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, there are also the great Monte Carlo Opera, Monaco Grand Prix or Monte Carlo tennis open, which cause that your time here might be much more amazing.

3. Jupiter Hotel and Casino – Queensland, Australia

Jupiter Hotel is situated on the island on Queensland Gold Coast. The building features a big and massive size, which causes that this hotel is opulent. The complex is surrounded by the Pacific ocean. There are 593 guests rooms, 26 suites and also 2 penthouses. The casino is opened day and nights. You can find there more than 70 gaming tables and 1,300 spot machines. There is also an elite gambling room – Club Conrad. Additionally, if you want to do something more than only gambling, you can play golf or tennis. You can also spend your money at the hotel’s five stars restaurant, Touch Therapy spa or buy some gifts in Paradise Gift boutique.

2. St. James Club – Antigua

This recreation complex was built in the Caribbean Sea. St. James Club is the most crowded place in the city at night time. People can find there roulette, five black jacks tables or 56 slot machines. They can also play poker and others games. The casino is the centre of entertainment in Antigua. You can meet there a lot of celebrities and famous people, who like visiting this place. While you spend your time in this casino, you will feel like a celebrity. A glamours, unique and expensive furnishings make this place unforgettable and special. Additionally, you can do water sports in this complex, including: snorkelling, windsurfing, kayaking and more.

1. Venetian Macao – Macau China

We can state after visiting the Venetian Macao complex, bigger-is-better. This large complex consists of 3,000 suites and everyone of them has got minimum 750 square feet of area. This is the biggest casino in the world. There are 870 gaming tables, and 3400 spot machines. Instead of them, you will find here 350 shops, more than 30 restaurants, sports arena for 15,000 people and conference rooms. The total area of the Venetian Macao is about 550,000 square feet. Additionally, the entertainment includes performances of Cirque du Soleil. Undoubtedly, Venetian Macao is recent a number one of the Top 10 Casinos Worldwide.

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