Type 1 Diabetes – This Happened to Me

Key of Existence: Energy: Body of every person needs an energy. The energy is delivered to our body by food. While the food goes through the body, it is broken down into fat, protein and carbohydrates, that gives us energy. When the body digests the food, the carbohydrates are broken down into glucose. The glucose is responsible for generating energy for our body. It is absorbed with the blood to our body. The next very important part in production of energy is the insulin. The pancreas produce insulin, which works as a key of access to the human cells. The insulin opens the “door” to cell and then glucose can get into the cell. This process happens inside a healthy body. When it works incorrectly, then the blood has got too higher level of sugar. The name of this defect is diabetes. We have two types of diabetes: Diabetes 1 and 2.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Health:

In case of Type 1 Diabetes, the cells of pancreas are attacked and after this, they are destroyed. It causes a defect in a human body system. The pancreas work improperly and ineffectively. They do not produce the insulin. How this disorder proceeds? It is not completely obvious. People should keep a watchful eye on their health form. When they will observe any following symptoms, then they ought to visit their doctor.

  • Even though, people eat a lot, they lose their weight. It happens, because the body breaks down fats and muscles in order for getting energy to exist.
  • Another, a very common symptom of diabetes might be a frequent urination. On the one hand, the high amount of glucose in the bloodstream causes that kidneys throw away this surplus of glucose from the body. It is removed from our body in urine. On the other hand, it causes second symptom, which is a heavy feeling of thirst. The person is thirsty and needs drinking as a result of a frequent urination.
  • We feel more tired and sleepy by this disorder. The wrong working of glucose causes a tiredness, because the energy is not produced properly.
  • Other symptom of this disease is an itchy skin. Itching might be a very sore and uncomfortable.
  • People with Type 1 Diabetes can also feel a feet tickling.
  • We should also mention about problems with vision. The vision might be fuzzy and there might be many visual disturbances. Some of these symptoms occur in both Diabetes 1 and 2.

These syndromes ought to pressure us to visit the doctor and hold the long term effects. These long term effects are especially dangerous and can cause very serious diseases, including: stroke, kidney damage, heart disease, problems with nerves damage or gum damage. Nevertheless, it should not happen when the treatment is managed properly by you and specialist. It can stop or reduce the negative effects. Accordingly, the proper treatment can not be neglected. We should take a control of our health and this disease.

Responsible Style of Life:

When the doctor suspects that you have a diabetes, then you should not give up. In contrary, this is the signal to take control of your body and do everything to reduce the effects of the disorder. You can win the fight. To make this, you ought to do the following activities:

  • You should take it seriously and cooperate with your doctor and your family as well. It will help you to get the most important tips and information about the diabetes. Remember, the more information and facts you know about this disorder the better you can manage the treatment. Your family helps you as much as they can, but first you ought to allow them it. They should give you a support and a necessary help.
  • You ought to control your blood sugar level as often as you can.
  • Remember about taking an insulin. Use an injection or an insulin pump.
  • Manage your diet. You should prepare healthy and balanced menu to eat in a good way. Your meals ought to be extracted. Additionally, the time of these dishes should be well controlled and matched.
  • Do not forget about doing sport exercises. Of course they should not be too heavy. Choose the best practises for you. While you do them you should feel comfortably and relaxed. These activities help you to avoid long term symptoms of diabetes.
  • Do not forget also about upgrading your knowledge about diabetes. All the time, there are a new inventions, discoveries and etc. You should read articles, surf the internet, watch TV programs and regularly visit your doctor. You will be sure that you did not miss anything.

You Really Can Do This:

You have to be strong. You should get used to the life with Diabetes 1 and 2 do everything to take control of your life. Show the world and the people around you, that the life with this disorder is possible and nice. Be strong and move on. Remember that you are not only person with diabetes, there are more people who have this disorder. If they can exist, you can too. Just manage your life in a good way and I am sure you achieve success.

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