Teenage Marijuana Use

While you travel across the globe, walk through the streets, you can hear: pot, dope, grass, green or ganja. They are the names of the most well-known plant in the earth – Marijuana, because it is the real name of this plant was being cultivated 2.000 years ago. The reason why people cultivate this plant, it is the psychoactive properties. The plant consists of a lot of chemicals, but the most important ingredient is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which gives Marijuana the psychoactive abilities. People usually smoke this plant in pipes or as joints (rolled cigarettes), although everyone has his/her own way to take it.

Problems with Teenagers: There are a lot of sympathizers and opponents of using marijuana. People, who take this “magic plant” should be aware of these abilities and they should smoke it in moderation. Primarily, they ought to know when they ought to stop. There is not rather problem with adults, but with teenagers who take it. Teenage marijuana use is increasingly affecting young people. They start smoking “pote” in a very young age and they lost their control. In consequence of this, they start to be addicted and after some time they want to take harder drugs.

Why They Start Smoking: Among young people appeared a kind of fashion. Teenagers model themselves on adults. Older people impress youths. They want to be similar to their older friends from school or from neighbourhood. The only way to be as same cool is doing these bad things, which do adults, including smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol.

Another, a very strong factor, why young people start smoking “grass” is an influence of famous people. A lot of actors/actresses, singers, sports players affirm that they take marijuana. Children want to be as same as their idols. They want to wear the same clothes, do the same things and one of this thing is smoking marijuana. If his/her favourite star does it, there is no way, that it can have the bad consequences.

Other, a very important factor of starting smoking this drug by young people is pressure of elders. Youths and adults spend their time together. Older friends take marijuana in front of teenagers. During this activity, they propose younger boys/girls to try it. Children are under pressure and they can not say “no”, so they do it.

So Easy to Get It: Furthermore, most children know, how to get marijuana. An access to this drug is very common. There are many dealers at schools, on the streets, who sell “pote” everybody, even youths and kids. They take care only about money and their own business. However, if these young people do not know dealers or they do not want to sell them it, than they have older siblings or friends who can always do it for them. Teenage marijuana use is also very common during parties and friends meetings. During the parties children want to have fun, so they smoke marijuana or take others drugs, that is an easier way to have fun. They think “grass” gives us a brilliant and unforgotten time”, although it is not true.

Influence of Marijuana on Teenagers: Usage of marijuana relaxes and people stop thinking about their troubles. Their start thinking positively. On the other hand, this is very dangerous for youths. They want to solve their problems by taking drugs.

Impact of Marijuana on the Body: There is a specific reaction after smoking “pote”. Smokers get red eyes, he/she is very starving, and sometimes can have hallucinations. But these symptoms are not dangerous. Indeed, there can happen long term effects as well, which might be alarming and very bad. Most of all, marijuana has impact on our brain. During smoking “grass”, THC rapidly go from lungs into bloodstream, and after this, chemicals are carried on to the brain. They cause the negative effects inside the brain. People can have memory disorders, impaired coordination, problem with learning or concentration. There can happen lungs problems, when somebody very often smokes rolled cigarettes too. These all symptoms can cause serious disorders, including: lung cancer, schizophrenia, and more as well.

Send a Note of Warning to Teenagers: Parents, teachers and caretakers of children should not close eyes of youths. They ought to explain the right side and bad side of the world. They should help them to understand this negative part of life. The faster, they will be aware, the bigger possibility that they do not treat a marijuana as a forbidden fruit, which they desire. There should be also some lectures at schools, which ought to show that the life is beautiful without drugs and children can have a fun in many others ways. Teenage marijuana use can be limited but it depends only on approach of society and their activity.

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