How to Differentiate Between Love and Infatuation

I want to be loved and I want to love: As it is written in the Hymn to Love: “Love is patient and kind, love is not jealous or boastful, it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way, it is not irritable or resentful, it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices on the right”.

For everyone of us the love means something different. We see It in various colours. Even though, our interpretation is different, we all want to fall in love the same. Love gives us wings, feeling of joy and willing to live. People feel delight and happiness, when they know that somebody loves them and they can rely on their lover. When they know that they are not alone in their life, they enjoy their times.

But when the love is true? When we can say, I have met the real lover, she is the person of my life, my real soul mate. How to differentiate between love and infatuation?

Phases of relationship: People have a lot of love episodes. They meet someone new in their life and after this they think, they have met the real love. But in most of cases they should be careful about affirming, that they have found this real feeling. Creating the real love and building the strong relationship demands time and sacrifice and it consist of few phases.

First of all woman and man start to know each other. This is beginning of the relationship. They do not see weaknesses in their partner. Their view is colourful and imaginative. They live in a dreamland, seeing the real love and ideal partner. They create their own pictures in their mind, which is designed by good and positive feelings. Definitely, this phase in their love is an infatuation.

In the next phase, they start to see defects of their partner. The differences between our ideal, imaginary woman and authentic person are clearer. Afterwards, we are more get used to our partner as well. It causes that we are more assertive and self-confident. It means that we say frankly, what we think, and what bother us in our partner. It can lead to arguments. This stage is very important for future of relationship.

If the couple survives this moment, then there is a chance for creating the feeling of real love. But there is a long way before of them. When after these steps, couple gets along each other, they start to overcome obstacles, co-operate together – create a dream team. They start being one organism, which is made of two bodies.

Friend and lover: Your second half ought to be with you to the last days of our life. You should trust and understand each other. In case of infatuation, we think that we love somebody but the main reason of this love is only appearance. The real love is created by common activities, talks and overcoming hard life obstacles. You ought to be sure of your partner, you should know that you can rely on her and feel confident of having this person next of you.

While we get success in our life, we have worse days or serious problems and we share these situations with our partner, and it gives us a real joy, then we should straight forward say, this is the real love. She should not be only our sexual lover. The most important thing is a real friendship between you and her. When your partner is your lover and your friend then it is a perfect match. You ought to talk as much as you can, because it develops your relations. But the real love is also then, when two people are silent and they feel comfortably and happily.

You will feel the real love: Someone can ask, “when exactly I will know that I have met this one person and this is real love and not infatuation? How to differentiate between love and infatuation?” The answer is easy. You will feel it. There will be a lot of syndromes, which cause that you will be sure. Your partner will be the whole world to you. When she go out then you will miss her, when your partner will have worse day, you would like to make her day, you will give her flowers without any occasion, and she will stick strongly inside your mind. To sum up, you will create the dream team, which can work wonders and overcome every obstacle. Love and be loved.

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