What Can You Do to Have a Baby Boy?

You want to have a baby. Of course the most important thing is to have healthy baby. But what if you want to have a baby boy? Is there anything you can do? So far we have limited ability to choose gender of our child. Still, there are people who believe that we are not helpless. Here you can find some interesting theories and tips, which can increase your chances to have a baby boy.

According to common beliefs, if you want to have a baby boy, you should have sex closer to ovulation (high motility and the decreased life span of the Y carrying sperm). Man should also check his sperm count – men with high sperm count have bigger chance to have a baby boy. What else you should remember?

    It is important what you eat
    If you want to have a boy, remember that Y chromosome sperm require a PH balance that is more alkali than acidic. What does that mean? It means you will have to choose adequate diet. Food rich in sodium and potassium will be perfect.

  • Add pecans, hazelnuts, almonds and nuts to your diet (they are great source of potassium).
  • Eating bananas, red meat and peaches are highly recommended.
  • Drink a lot of sodas – especially cola drinks.
  • Eat salty snacks like chips or crackers (do not over do the salt).
    The joy of sex
    If you want to have a baby, you should check different theories about the best way to make love. According to these tales you should remember to:

  • Focus on man’s pleasure during sex (male should climaxes first).
  • Female have to stay horizontal after love making (it will give the boys sperms a bigger opportunity of reaching the cervix).
  • Try the rear-entry position.
  • Make love standing up.
  • Gals, sleep to the left of your partner.

There are also some superstition and tales that dictate when you should have sex. According to them, you should make love only at night (the perfect night is when there are a quarter moons in the sky). You can also try using your calendar – some people believe that more males are conceived on odd days.

You have to be aware that all these methods are only clues, which can increase your chances to have a boy baby. There are no proofs that these tips actually work – you will not have 100% guarantees about your baby gender. Remember, there are so many factors that determine the sex of your baby. Still, you have nothing to loose. You can try naturally select gender of your child – it might be even funny. All in all, the most important thing is to have healthy baby. Only that counts.

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