Martial Arts Workout For Men Over 40

I have one young son and I looked into the benefit for him of practising and studying martial arts. Finally, I went to the school of martial arts with him. It was a small but famous school of martial arts in our city. I was talking to the Master of this school and introduced him my son. My son started trainings 1 week later and while these workouts I was accompanying him. One day, said master proposed me taking part in the training. At the beginning, I thought that it is too late for martial arts workout for man over 40, but when I came back home I considered it and made a decision that I will try. It has been three years since I started practising this sport. It is a great time and I feel much more better thanks to these workouts. I want to introduce you these Martial Arts Workouts and encourage you to get active and take care of your health. Martial Arts are one of the possibility of active style of life.

Right Martial Art For You

A martial arts are a fun and effective way to take care of our body, toned mental spirit and improve your flexibility, stamina and strength. You should decide which kind of martial art is proper for you and fit the right exercises for your health.

  • Find out about the different philosophies and approaches of various martial arts. Each of them have something unique to offer, from tai chi’s to the Israel’s martial art – krav maga. Choose a technique that matches the best to you both physically and morally as well.
  • Think what you expect from the trainings, strength, weight loss, flexibility, or stamina. Watch and revise a instructional video or book to decide whether the technique enables you achieve your goals. Do not practise sumo if you want to loose your weight, for example. Remember, the art ought to fit properly to your criteria and expectations.
  • Watch videos which are related to the techniques you selected. Do not forget that your main purpose is to create the best workout. Striking and vigorous arts like karate or kung fu enables you getting a weight loss. If you want to be more strong and flexible than you should choose judo or tai chi. Choose the most appealing technique in your opinion.
  • You ought to have a try the elementary moves in the technique you chose to see if you can get along. To try karate, for instance test some front kicks, mid blocks and basic punches. To proof kung fu, do some chain punches, snap kicks and slapping blocks. If you feel comfortably while you do these moves, you know which martial art you should pick.

Your Own Workout Program

Program of martial arts workout for men over 40 consists of as same exercises as the program for younger people. But trains should observe and control the pace, duration, motion of exercises and then fit the training to their person and possibilities.

  • Choose the best place to practise martial arts and dress up a proper costume. You ought to assume the right fighting stance then you can move and bounce your body easily. Now, keep your guard up. Your muscles should be tight and do not forget that continuous motion is the most important of an proper martial arts workout program.
  • Start with basic punches or moves and come back to the basic stance. Repeat the punches again and again until it will be very difficult for you. First you ought to strike with your one hand, and after some strikes do the same with your right hand. While striking, change also your legs, if your left foot was first forward, now your right should be there. Do two or more sets on each side.
  • Do it without break until your next practise. You should use a next muscle part, different than you practised last. If you were using arms now use your legs and start kicking. In the beginning, start kicking with right leg, when you finish then do the same with the left leg. Do two or more sets on each side as in step 2 with your arms.
  • In earlier steps you were blowing and kicking in a series, after this you will change your exercise. Instead of 5 times right hit and 5 times left hit, you will strike right, left, right, left at this moment, and pick up the pace. Go a faster till it is difficult for you, then you should slow down.
  • Change your limb use. Do different sequences of moves. Strike, kick and block and again kick, dodge and punch. You ought to keep different muscles active and do not allow them too long time rest. You should keep the muscles parts engaged in toning. Change a pace and do it faster for a while and after this sequence repeat earlier steps. You ought to slow down with each next step.
  • Find and add different new moves to your workout. They should be slightly difficult. Your practising depends on you and your effort, you put into workouts. Hard and accurate moves are an excellent gauge of your progression. You should use some new moves during your daily activities. You will get used to them and while workouts it will be easier to do these exercises.
  • Fight against a heavy boxing bag or a dummy to strengthen your force and accelerate the intensity of your exercises. While this exercise, you should make sure that you do it properly. You ought to consult a martial arts master on correct way of strikes to avoid hurting your parts of body. Martial arts workout for men over 40 should be a great solution to start an active lifestyle for everyone of us.

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