Buying My First Car

I have had my Opel Astra since I started driving. My mother gave me it as a prize for getting my driving license when I passed my driving exam. Three years ago, I made a decision to change the car and buy a new one.
I have been looking for cars for more than one year, but I have not visited a lot places and I have never taken one for a test drive. I was terrified and uncertain during buying my first car – similar like most humans who want to buy their first vehicle. I was aware of many affairs related to purchasing a car, different makes, dealers, models, dishonest sales people or the eventuality of financing my lifetime away for a set of car. I was searching online for important tips, and tried to know about my top 3 list as much information as I could. I have found as websites as or I have also got help and tips from my friends. And now I would like to help you with your first vehicle purchase.

Use the Internet: I always use the internet during any serious shopping experience. I always do a research, I check prices, sorts, opinions and all details of the buying good. I spent my time on and while I was looking for the most proper vehicle for my needs and my budget. I was comparing the features, price ranges, and models. was also a very useful page. I used this website as a way to find regional dealers. The page even has a special section which allows you to focus on the cars which you are interested in. You can limit your searching to as kind of vehicles as “smart saver”, “going green”, “family focus” and etc. If you buy a second hand car, then make sure to verify a car history report. Hopefully, it should help you avoid purchase of broken or faked vehicle.

Prepare a List of Your Favourite Cars And Choose the Best One: There are many cars, so you ought to minimize your choice by making the list of your favourites cars. You can note 10 possibilities and after researches the list will be reduced till there will stay only one car. You ought to be aware that you are buying something you should not regret for a long time. Take a long time to prepare a accurate list of all cars you are really interested in. Then you will be well prepared. When you visit a dealership or the private owner of the vehicle then you will know all questions, which you should ask. You will not watch the wrong vehicles as well. I visited the dealership knowing which car I wanted. It was Toyota Corrola, but when I was talking to the dealer, we found that Volkswagen Passat will fit my needs much more better. You should find an honest and solid salesman, then they will let you know about all specific of vehicles, and they will inform you about recommendations related to your needs. You ought to feel free to take their advice but do your own research as well.

Ask Your Friends For Advice: I was asking my close friends many times they probably got headache because of me quizzing what kind of car they own and recommended. But I admitted that without them, I would not know the types of the best cars for someone in my situation (my driving habits, my age, my style, sex and etc.). Use social networking services to get to know about models, makes and also about salespeople or dealerships that are honest and qualified. When you are going to purchase the vehicle from a private person, then these services are a great solution as well. Your friends can know their neighbours or others friends who want to sell their cars.

While You Visit Dealership, Ask Questions: You ought to visit the qualified dealership at least three times. While these visits, ask about everything what you think is important for your choice. This dealership is there to help you with the choice and give you advice, so do not worry about what you will ask. Just take these advices from him/her. If you are going to go to the dealership, make sure to check the online website of this company to see their specials offers and collect the informations about company, dealership and you should get to know if the company is fair. Make sure you are prepared well before the visit. Then you will be able to focus only on negotiation tactics, and the purchase will be much more easier.

Know the Price And Always Negotiate: You ought to do a research about prices of the cars. Check your finances and assume what maximum price you can spend (you are obliged to check forward prices of your favourite model in few places). Remember about negotiating. Do not make a choice after your first offer. Remember that the seller wants to earn as much money as he/she can. If this person is playing hard-ball, then do the same but control your emotions. Again, do not be afraid to quite when you think the deal is not good for you. The deal should be profitably for both of you. Lastly, the process of buying my first car was not as terrible as I thought in the beginning and I am very satisfied with my choice and that I have done it on my own. Good luck and enjoy your purchase.

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