Top 10 List of The Most Valuable Wines

You are right saying that you do not have to pay a lot for a bottle of wine, but be aware of the quality of the bottle of wine which you buy. You should remember that you will get what you pay for. And the quality of good wine often depends on the price. If you want to try a really excellent wine or you want to impress your guests or special woman, than you should have your own cellar of various wines. You ought to show them your wide knowledge of the world of wines as well. We want to introduce you the top 10 list of the most valuable wines in the recent world. Just relax and take a look…

Special Care: In the middle of 80s, Malcolm Forbes, who was a billionaire paid by 155,000 USD for one bottle of wine. This said bottle has come from private collection of Thomas Jefferson and it was dated back to 1787. When he bought this unique bottle, it was stored in improper place under strong lights. These improper conditions made the wine cork broke down what caused that the beverage lost its priceless value. If you want to get a real great wine you ought to take care of the bottle and store it in the proper conditions.

Top 10 List of Most Valuable Wines:

Number 10: Chateau Haut Brion 1982, Pessac-Leognan
This wine features the fact that Haut Brion is the oldest Bordeaux in the history of the world. It was produced in 1550. The production was organised by Jean de Pontac, who created whole process from the ground. After this, he started serving his bottles of wine exclusively in tavern in London. It was a brilliant idea and a great success. The vintage of this wine is1982. This red beverage is all the time on the top and spectacular, having its own place among the best wines on the wine market. You should drink it rather soon because the maturation process does not make this wine much more better.

Number 9: Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1996
The beginning history of this wine is very interesting and we can summarize it, “lucky to be somewhere”. The discovery of the wine took place in18th century, when a French statesman visited a doctor, who prescribed him Chateau Lafite as a restorer. After trying this tonic, the politician liked it so badly that he made a decision to offer some bottles of Lafite to King Louis XV. Lastly, the wine became the most popular beverage at the royal court. The new discovery got the new name – “the King’s drink”. Its dark colour, aroma of black currant and mint, silky texture and lingers inside the mouth make this wine great and unique.

Number 8: Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1986
We have mentioned already about the Lafite Rothschild wine. The Chateau Mouton comes from the same family of wines. It was founded in the middle of 19th century in Britain. They became special wines because of their unique labels which were designed by the greatest artists of these times as Picasso, Chagall, or Warhol for instance. They were made after II World War. This wine was announced as one of the best wine in 1986 by Wine Spetator, the most important wine magazine of these times. The Chateau Mouton features sense of raspberries, spices and chocolate. This savory vintage has got an elongated aftertaste.

Number 7: Chateau Margaux 1995
Its colour is very dark almost black and we can take it for ink by mistake. But when we taste it than we will be sure that it is not the ink. It features a great fragrance of wild blackberry. Its racy and smooth vintage is intense, and still you can taste a strong fruity structure. This vineyard has existed since thousand years and is one of the masterpiece of the wine world. The bottle wine from1996 is similar to the vintage from 1986 for its diverse composition but it also recalls the 1990 for its unique style. The 1994 vintage is quite expensive as well.

Number 6: Chateau La Mondotte 1996, Saint-Emilion
The Neipperg clan bought the La Mondotte make. They purchased Clos de l’Oratorie and Chateau Canon-La-Gaffelire as well. In the beginning, this 11 acres vineyard was playing second fiddle for a long time. But everything was changed in 1996. In this year, the maturation process of La Mondotte was finished and the wine existed on the world wine scene. It is featured by fruity and exotic fragrance. People often compare it to Le Pin.

Number 5: Chateau Valandraud 1995, Saint-Emilion
This vineyard takes one of the most valid place in the “garagiste” – garage winery. Basically, it is to wine what microbreweries are to beer. Chateau Valandraud is similar vineyard to Chateau La Mondotte. It is not big patch of land as well. Even though, it is a small area, the workers do a great job into production of wine. Valandraud territory extends 35 acres and is divided into 10 smaller parts. This wine is made with passion. It is rather rare, hence the high price. This is much more bolder than later wines

Number 4: Chateau Latour Pauillac 1990
This wine is very valuable and solid vineyard in France. They produce brilliant Pauillac wine, one of the best in the world. The splendour of this wine is emphasized by the rich soil from the Chateau Latour fields where the grapes mature. This wine was selected as the most excellent single wine of 1993 by the wine specialists. But a real excellence of this vineyard is hidden inside the unique flavour of this beverage. You can taste licorice, chocolate, roasted fruits, caramel and dark cherry. The taste is opulent and perfectly compound.

Number 3: Chateau Le Pin 1999 Pomerol
Chateau Le Pin is next garage wine of Thienpont family. They produce approximately 6,000 bottles of Pomerol wine per a year. The area of the land extends five acres. It is one of the main symbolic wines which comes from Bordeaux. While you drink this wine you can taste as flavours as currant, black cherry or mocha as well. It is the best for experienced wine collectors. Everyone of them should have the Chateau Le Pin in his collection.

Number 2: Petrus Pomerol 1998
Petrus Pomerol is Merlot. This wine was loved by the president of USA John Kennedy. Even though, the full name of this beverage is Chateau Petrus, the most common name is “Petrus”. This short name is written on the label of the Petrus Pomerol bottle. The fruits should be harvested earlier because they mature slower. The taste is strongly fruity, additionally, you can find there mocha, oak, vanilla and berries flavours. The colour of this beverage is intensive purple. This taste is a real heaven for every palate. It is worth to wait for full maturity of this wine.

Number 1: Domaine de la Romane Conti 1997
This red Burgundy is French wine which features leather, spices and berries fragrances. The colour of this beverage is intensive dark and you can taste the flavours of licorice, flowers and soy sauce as well. The Domaine de la Romane Conti is an unique and rare wine, hence the very high price per bottle. When you try this wine then you will understand what mean the words “you get what you pay for”. The great aroma and perfect taste make you happy and move you to the world of perfection. Undoubtedly, Romante Conti deserves on the first place in the top 10 list of the most valuable wines in the market.

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