Top 10 the Most Scariest Movies

When we want to watch scary movies than we search among horror films. These kind of movies do not only keep in suspense the spectators but it also frighten and causes that we can not sleep easily. The horror films characterize frightful elements and aspects. There are bloody vampires, dead zombies and scary ghosts, which you can meet into the movies. We want to introduce you the list of top 10 the most scariest movies ever. Undoubtedly, if you want to watch something creepy, these moves will scare you and you will remember them to the end of your life. For sure, you will find here something for you. Take a look…

10. Jaws
A Large White Shark made a decision to hunt in not big beach resort in Amity. This small town becomes its area of feeding. The local people are scarred. After next and next attacks to the fight against the shark stands the local police officer. In the beginning, he demands closing the Amity’s beaches to throw the beast away. Unfortunately, the mayor of the town does not allow to close the beaches. Instead of obstacles, the officer does not give up and finally, he, old fisherman and a scientist take to the ocean to kill the scary shark.

9. Poltergeist
The Freeling family lives in a comfortable and friendly neighbourhood in their house. Suddenly, Carol Anne, which is a daughter of the Freeling family starts having contact with the preternatural power. The connection comes from a non-existent channel on TV. After a short time, the mysterious power enters the interior of the Freeling familly house. After the stepping into the walls of the house, the ghosts seem to be harmless. They amuse the inmates and play tricks on them. But this innocent play does not last long time. Finally, they start a terrible game. The ghosts frighten the inhabitants with murderous dolls or angry trees. But the worst is before us. In the end, they kidnap Carol Anne and they imprison her inside the bedroom closet. This place seems like the entrance to the other world.

8. Ringu
Everything was started when Tomoko, who was reporter Reiko’s cousin was dead. There are rumours that people who watch a videotape die because of the mysterious and murderous power of the video. The reporter Reiko gets to know about these strange stories. The gossip says, it kills everyone who watches it, accurately one week after seeing. In the beginning she does not believe in the gossips, but when she heard that Tomoko’s friend, watched the video in the same time and died as well, she starts investigation. She begins watching the video herself, and the mysterious things start happening.

7. Omen
This is the most popular horror movie about Antichrist. He came to the world in the normal way as a human being. He was born in an American family as a boy, whose name is Damien. His father is an American ambassador to Great Britain. In the beginning, Damien is rather normal and harmless kid, although there happens many strange accidents around him. He is protected by mysterious power. People who are around him are controlled by this power of evil. There are many creepy scenes. For instance, when his nanny hanged herself because she wanted to prove her love to the kid while Damien’s birthday party.

6. Rosmary’s Baby
Guy Woodhouse and Rosmary move into a new flat in a house with a not good reputation. After this removal, they meet their neighbours, who are nice and friendly people. The neighbours Roman and Minnie Castevet are an elderly couple. Guy Woodhouse spend more and more time with the couple. Mysterious things begin to happen. Firstly, Rosemary has nightmares and she hears strange noises as well. The Guy is away from Rosmery. They are not close any more. Then Rosemary gets pregnant. She suspects that their neighbours have strange plans for her baby.

7. Psycho
The main character, Marion Crane lives in Phoenix in Arizona. She is working girl, who is fall in love with her boyfriend Sam Loomis. She sneaks away while lunch breaks to see her lover boy. Instead their love, they can not get married. Sam must pay alimony and because of this he spend too much money. One day, Marion’s boss gives her $40,000 in cash to pay deposit in a stationary bank. It causes that the girl sees the possibility of better life. She advantages of an opportunity and rapidly leaves the town to start better life with her boyfriend in California. While she drives through a main highway and the night falls, suddenly her car turns off the highway. She is tired of the exhausting drive and negative feeling of criminal act, so she made a decision to stay in the friendless Bates Motel. The motel owner is Norman Bates, a peculiar man, who is controlled by his disabled mother.

6. The Exorcist
The movie which is based on real facts. The history is about possession which took place in a Washington Suburb. Young girl Regan, who lives together with her mother in Washington meets very sad and strange situation. She is possessed, what causes plenty mysterious symptoms, including paranormal strength and levitation. In the beginning, the doctors try to help the girl but when medical treatments are exhausted, then her mother decides to talk to the priest who is a psychologist as well. He confirms that adolescent girl is possessed. After this confirmation both he and another priest who is experienced in exorcism attempt to help before the girl will die.

5. The Haunting
There are two versions of this move, one made in 1966 by Robert Wise and the recent one made in 1999, which was remake of the first version. But if you want to experience a real masterpiece of horror moves and feel thrill you should forget about the remake part and watch Robert Wise production. The main character Eleanor is portrayed by Julie Harris, who confirmed that she is a great actress. Eleanor, who is unstable and innocent woman spends one night with others people in an old palace. There are rumours that the old mansion is haunted.

4. The Innocent
This movie is based on the novel of Henry James, which the title is “The Turn of the Screw”. This film was made in 1961. The story takes place in Victorian England, which is scary world. The main character is a governess who is portrayed by Deborah Kerr. She is hired to look after two orphans. In nice and friendly house, where they live starts happening strange situations. The governess experiences mysterious events and she sees ghosts. Finally, she inquired a terrible secret of the house, the events which were happened in the past.

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Five friends, while their journey to the grave of their grandfather, pick up and drop a strange hitch-hiker, after this they eat some tasty home-cured meal at a gas station next the road, before they reach the old family house… where is waiting for them never-ending nightmare. Inside the house they meet a horrible family. The members of the family are cannibals. They hunt and want to kill teenagers. While this hunt, they use heavy and very dangerous tools, including chainsaw.

2. Jacob’s Ladder
The main character is Jacob Singer who is a Vietnam vet. Tim Robbins portrays the character of the vet. While he sleeps he has got nightmares. In the past he was in the army, what can cause his strange nightmares. What is the problem with Jacob? Is he mad… is it caused because of some military experiments…, or maybe it is something completely different. There are strange forms around and the Vietnam vet does not know who he should trust. The move takes us inside the mind of the main character.

1. The Shining
Jack Nicholson makes this movie a real masterpiece of the Hollywood cinema and makes this horror much more horrible as well. Jack Torrance who is a custodian of the Overlook Hotel that is situated in the mountains in Colorado takes his family members to the place of his work. He want to be there with them. While they stay in this place, suddenly horrible things begin happening. Jack’s son, whose name is Danny watches dreadful pictures which are inspired by a strange force called “The Shining”. After this, Jack begins being affected by this power. Finally, the situation causes that he got mental breakdown and the situation is only worse. According to us, “the Shining” should take first place in the list of top 10 the most scariest movies ever.

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