Simple Tips to Improve Your Sperm Quality and Counts

You want to have your own family – you want to have a child. The problem is that very often it is not so easy. Because of environment pollution and civilization illness men have bigger and bigger problems with procreation. Sperm problems are more common. Of course if you have such a problem you can start clinically treatment. However sometimes all you need to do is remember about some clues. Read this article and find simple tips to improve your sperm quality and counts.

    If you want to increase your chances of having a baby, you need to change your diet and lifestyle. Be aware that you should make changes as soon as possible. Do not wait till it will be too late. Here you have some simple tips to improve your sperm quality and counts:

  • Get regular exercise
    Regular and moderate exercises promote overall health in your body, improve sperm quality and reduce stress. Be careful and don’t exercise too much – it can work against your efforts. Try to avoid vigorous training programs. Overly intense exercise leads to high level of adrenal steroid hormones (a testosterone deficiency can occur). Remember that some form of exercise have a negative effect on your fertility. According to scientists, prolonged strenuous exercise can reduce your fertility. Do not go overboard at the gym and avoid cycling to improve sperm production.
  • Maintain a healthy weight
    Keep in mind that weight influences testosterone and estrogen levels.
  • Eat healthy foods
    There is general rule that you have to eat healthy foods to protect your health. This also applies to sperm count. Add to your diet foods high in folic acid, fatty acids (ETA’s) and proteins. Remember to eat whole grains and vegetables. Tomatoes can be really good choice as they contain lycopene – substance that assists in active sperm production. Drink a lot of water, at least 6-8 glasses per day. Avoid beverages that can cause dehydration like alcohol or caffeine. Brazil nuts are also great option. According to researchers Brazil nuts contain selenium. This mineral has the effect of improving sperm mobility and increasing sperm count. Remember that you have to eat and drink well because anemia and malnutrition can negatively affect your sperm count.
  • Quit smoking
    It has been proven that smoking has negative effects on your health. Unfortunately for men, smoking can cause infertility (it decreases both sperm-cell motility and sperm count). Remember that warnings on cigarette packets are not a joke.
  • Stop using drugs and steroids
    Forget about steroids (they can cause testicular shrinkage) and any kind of drugs; even prolonged use of recreational drugs (like marijuana, alcohol, cocaine) is forbidden.
  • Take supplements
    Natural herbal supplements are the quickest and easiest way to notice a difference in your sperm fertility and health. Zinc supplement will help you to improve the number of sperm you have (take 100 mg a day). Also vitamin C will make your sperm healthier and more active (this vitamin prevent sperm from agglutinating – sticking together). Think about Proxeed – a nutritiona; supplement formulated to optimize sperm motility and count. According to doctors it can improve your sperm count by up 80 %. Also Korean ginseng is a good option. This supplement raise testosterone levels and boosts sperm production. Take 500 mg of Korean ginseng per day to see the full benefits.
  • Ejaculate less often
    It might be unpopular suggestion, but it is highly recommended by doctors. They suggest a 3 day gap between ejaculations. Three days seems to be an appropriate time that sperm needs to rejuvenate and get back to full health. Also try to make love in the morning. Researches show that is the best time of day for male fertility. If you are not able to have sex in the mornings, try to make it in the afternoons.
  • Avoid “hot pants”
    Do not wear tight trousers and underwear – it can have an adverse effect on your sperm count. Be aware that the hotter you are, the less possibility that your testes are functioning properly (sperm is produced at up 8 degrees below your normal body temperature). Watch your body temperature – try to avoid saunas and hot tubs. They raise your temperature and can reduce sperm count and cause changes in ovulation. That is why preventing overheating of the scrotum is so important.
  • Be organic
    You should eat vegetables. The problem is that many vegetables that you can find in your supermarket have been sprayed with agrochemicals and therefore contain harmful residues. Very dangerous is xenoestrogens which can damage sperm counts and activity. Try to avoid any heavy metals – heavy metals toxins can affect ovulation. Stay away from environmental hazards and toxin like paint, pesticides, lead, radiation, boron, benzene and mercury. Thanks to that you are not only helping your fertility and improve your sperm quality but also you are helping the environment.
  • Try to relax
    Since your life can be stressful, learn to relax. It is important because stress might be responsible for hormonal problems therefore it can cause infertility problems. Performing relaxation exercises might be a good solution for stress problems.
  • Take age into consideration
    If you want to have children you must take into consideration that male’s fertility begins to decrease after thirty.
  • Use a Lapdesk
    Laptops generate a lot of heat. If you want to use laptops on your knee, remember to use Lapdesk to transfer the heat away. It will help you to protect your testicles.

Remember that sperm problems are very serious. Having child is a dream of most families. If you can’t have baby it might be the biggest tragedy in your life. This is why you should everything what you can to improve your sperm quality and counts. Unfortunately sometimes it is not enough and you have to consult your physician. Life is the most precious treasure and sometimes you have to fight for it. Do not forget about that.

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