Do You know the Health Benefits of Brandy?

Drinking moderate amount of alcohol actually has health benefits. This is not a joke. It is a scientifically proven fact. Brandy is one of these beverages. Drinking 30 milliliters of brandy per day can improve your overall health. Let’s see what the benefits of drinking brandy are:

Brandy is not as popular an alcoholic beverage as red wine. More people are aware of the antioxidant benefits of red wine, but are unaware of the medicinal qualities of brandy.

    Antioxidant Potential

    According to experts from Monash University, 30 milliliters of brandy has antioxidant potential similar to the recommended intake of vitamin C. Of course it does not mean you can forget about applying vitamin C. The antioxidants are only a small percentage of substances that you can find in brandy. However they are present.

    Sleeping Problems

    Brandy contains 40-45 percent of alcoholic content. It is quite a strong alcoholic beverage. Since alcohol slows nerve reactions, brandy can be used as a sleep aid. In fact it is used for that purpose by many cultures.

    Heart Health

    Scientists from the University of Bordeaux have noticed that in Gascony (the region of Armagnac brandy production) heart disorders are a rare occurrence. Researchers have found that brandy has anti-platelet function. This alcohol undergoes a unique distillation process. This factor contributes to its apparent cardiovascular benefits.

    Eases Cough

    A teaspoon of brandy can ease a cough, and it doesn’t contain a lot of questionable chemicals like over the counter cough syrups.

    Low in Carbs

    If you have to watch your carbohydrate intake, distillate alcoholic beverages like whiskey and brandy are just perfect.

    WARNING: The dangers of consuming alcoholic beverages:

    Keep in mind that brandy has a high alcohol content . It means you have to consume it responsibly. You can drink it only in small – moderate quantities. It is a good idea to consult with your physician about what amount is safe for you according to your body weight. If you are taking any drugs, such a consultation is required. Don’t forget that pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and children must not consume alcoholic beverages!

    Brandy works just like other alcoholic beverages. If you consume it in proper quantities, it can help you to protect your health.

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