Simple Tips to Improve Your Intelligence

It is so obvious that life is easier for intelligent people. It does not matter if it’s professional or private life. If you are smart you have bigger chance to be successful. What you have to remember is that intelligence is not invariable state of your mind. You can change it – you can improve your brain ability. All you have to do is remember about some simple tips.

    The most important thing to improve your intelligence is changing your lifestyle. Look on tips below and start a new life.

  • Avoid television watching
  • It is easy to say and difficult to do. We love to sit in front of TV with remote control in our hand. The problem is that watching television is not at all productive and it does not enhance your mental capability. You are loosing your energy without reaping any benefits of exercises. Also television makes you feel tired – your eyes are sore from being focused on the light box. Instead of watching TV try to read a book or listen to some music. Call your friends and go outside. All of these things will utilize your mind more than television.

  • Brain Nutrition
  • If you want to improve your intelligence, you have to protect your overall health. In fact this is the most important things. Especially a physically healthier brain improves various aspects related to IQ like understanding, memory, problem solving ability and logic. Just as nutrition is required for body health, the same brain demands good mental nutrition. Add to your diet foods rich in minerals, vitamins, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Also to support mental functioning you need Omega-3 oil. Remember to consult your doctor before you take supplements.

  • Read books that stimulate thought
  • Read challenging books – it will help you to improve your ability to write and read. Put your effort on understanding complicated paragraphs. Read them more than once – you have to understand the full content. Never ignore the words you do not understand. Instead of this take a dictionary and find their meanings. Choose a classic novel to improve your vocabulary and change the way you see the world.

  • Play sports that require good hand-eye co-ordination
  • Handball, juggling, tennis, basketball, squash and ping pong – all these sports are useful to improve your intelligence. For your brain exercising might be as good as reading books. Thanks to them you create a wave of energy and you clear your head. You can be sure that exercises will help you to focus for longer periods.

  • Games
  • It is one of the most enjoyable ways to improve your intelligence. Playing strategy types games (including strategy computer games) is another exercise of your brain. According to researchers kids who play strategy computer games have higher IQs. Also, games like chess will stimulate your brain. Another option is IQ test puzzles – excellent to improve your IQ scores.

  • Sleep well
  • It is really hard to concentrate without proper sleep and rest. Go to bed early. Try to sleep no more than 8 hours. It is good idea to wake up early. It will maximize your mental activity. More productive hours are another profit. If it’s possible, take approximately 10-20 minutes naps when you are hit with a wave of drowsiness. Short nap will refresh you (anything longer can make you lethargic).

  • Improve memory
  • The ability to memorize things is a complex process and various parts of our brain take part in it. What is memory? It is an ability to gather observations and information and storing them that we can use it later. You need a good memory to improve your intelligence as well as to be successful.

  • Learn to mediate
  • Mediation is a key to increases awareness, which play important role in improving your intelligence. Also you will feel great. Thanks to mediation you will profound intuition and realize new mental abilities.

  • Find time to introspect
  • Find a place where you can be alone. Forget about your daily life and try to focus on your issues. You have to know what is important and what is not. Introspection will help you to organize your thoughts and prioritize your duties and tasks. Your mind will be clear and you will have chance to focus only on the most important things.

  • Sensory development
  • You have to be aware how our mind works. It perceives and interprets everything that happens around us. Working on your sensory development will increase your perception. If you want to stimulate your brain, you have to remember about that.

If you want to be smarter, you have to change your lifestyle. Do not waste your time by watching television. Try to read more and remember to be physically active. Keep in mind that you can improve your IQ. Many people believe that once we were born, we are not able to do anything with our intelligence. It is not a true. Be aware that being wise is helpful not only in your professional life. Also girls prefer smart guys!

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