How to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly?

There are so many things we can change to make our life eco-friendly. We can make our cars and flats more “green”; we can try to save energy or select rubbish. Also we can change the place of our work – we can make our office eco-friendly. As you will see it is not so difficult. All you need to do is remember about simple tips.

    Take the small steps and make your office eco-friendly. It is not so hard to make a little extra effort when you can save environment.

  • Transport and telecommuting
    All employees who come to office on a regular basis should think about biking, walking or public transport. Carpooling is also great idea to save energy. If you have colleague who can take you along leave your car in garage. What is important- it is also a good way to save your money. You can even stay at home. Development of technology allows you to work at home (work through Internet communications). Thanks to that you can save million gallons of gas a year. This cuts down on pollution and increases time availability.
  • Do not waste electricity
    Remember to turn off all photocopiers, printers, computers and other equipment at the end of the day and leave them off until next day. If you are leaving a room for more than few minutes, switch off the lights. Using low energy lighting and halogen instead of conventional lights can be a great idea. Forget about incandescent bulbs – use compact fluorescent ones. Solar light may also be used to save additional energy.
  • Use only “green” office products
    It is not so difficult to find recycled stationery like notepads, folders, files, ink cartridges, etc. If you have any problems to find a supplier for recycled stationery then you have to look in internet. For sure you will find numerous suppliers of those products on the web. Try to use only eco friendly products. They cost only 5 percent more – you have to admit that it is not a big price to cut down on pollution and waste. Start small – non-toxic highlighters, refillable ink cartridges, 100% recycled paper, etc. Encourage your cleaning company to use green cleaning products.
  • Create a recycling system
    Most people do not pay attention to the great amount of waste created at our offices every single day. In fact we produce a lot of rubbish like ink roles, food packaging and plastic bottles. Set up a single bin for each of these trashes. It is one of the best things you can do to make your office environment friendly – it will make recycling easier and simpler. Do not buy stuff you do not need – do you really need disposable cups at the water cooler?
  • Choose eco friendly food
    Buy fair trade, organic tea and coffee for your office. You can order more vegetarian food for lunch – cutting down on meat can have an important impact on our planet future. Choose organic instead of consumption foods.
  • Print smarter
    Print document only when you really have to – try to cut down on printed material when it is possible. Use only 100% recycled content paper products. If you are planning to purchase a new printer, give the older one to someone who needs it.

We have to protect our environment – we have to protect our planet. In fact we have no choice. This is why we have to be more eco-friendly. It does not matter if we are in home, office or on vacation. All the time we have to remember that earth is our home and we have to keep it clean. Keep in mind that you spend a lot of time by working – you spend a lot of time in your office. Talk with your colleague and with your boss. Cooperation is required. Make your office eco-friendly – it is so easy.

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