Pet Allergies

Visible results: Pet allergy is a reaction to elements laid inside animal’s skin cells. There might be a lot of results of the pet allergies. People who have the allergy can get cough, sneezing, runny nose or it can cause fever or breathing problems as well. Additionally, they can get a rash and their skin can be itching. They also feel weaker. Dogs, cats or rodents the most often can bring this disorder. You should know that every case is different and it depends on single person, which animal can induce the allergy. When you observe allergy, you should be careful and treat pet allergy in proper way.

The most common causes: Dogs, cats, horses, cows, birds (for example parrots, canaries, pigeons), fowls, mice, hamsters, fishes, guinea pigs, the furs, carpetings, camel, sheep, rabbit wool can induce allergy. The biggest amount of allergens are inside the animals epidermis, saliva, urine, dung and rarely inside of hairs or coat. During the process of aerosolization these allergens turn into the gases. After this change, they can come into the respiratory tract and spread in the body. Allergic reaction starts working and it causes allergic symptoms. This is one of the possibilities of reaching the body by the allergens. Allergens can also get inside the organism through the conjunctivas or nose. In these cases the symptoms are visible in the shape of lacrimation or rhinitis. The next cause of getting a pet allergy might be created by lick or bite. The lick can cause swelling or nettle rash. Notwithstanding, the most dangerous is the second case. The bite of animal can lead to anaphylactic crisis, what can even cause death. So when you get a bite of animal or you will observe allergy in your body then visit the specialist as soon as it is possible to treat pet allergy in efficient way.

We should protect ourselves: When the symptoms of pet allergy repeats. When we feel that we are allergic to pets, we should protect ourselves. First of all we ought to visit the doctor and listen his/her advices. Very important is the issue of keeping the pet at home as well. If we are sure that the symptoms of allergy comes from our pet, then we should get rid of it from our area. It leads to reducing the allergens inside the home. But very often we get used to our animal and it is not possible to get rid of it. Then we ought to remove all carpets, furnitures and stuffs, which collect dust. We ought to install air fresheners and air filters as well. The household should be regularly cleaned. While the cleaning, we should use a proper vacuum cleaner, which should be equipped in good filter – high efficiency particulate air. This vacuum has ability to remove more than 90% of particles.
We should also remember about treatment. The doctor ought to match the proper treatment to our single case. Then you will be sure that you treat pet allergy in efficient way.

Think before you make a decision: In recent times owning pet is very popular. We want to have pet at our households. People very often do not think about results of having pets. We do not mind, we can be allergic to them, they grime, cause damages and the expenditures of keeping them are expensive. We make a decision because we want to have the animal friend at our house. Although the idea of getting the pet into the structure of the family is good and can bring benefits, we should remember that this decision demands a big commitment. People very often take the animal to take care them, but then they neglect them or even they give them back to the animal shelter or leave them on the street. Pet allergies can not be a result of animal hurt.

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