Simple Tips to Make Your Car Eco-Friendly

You want to protect environment and fight against global warming. Your dream is to live in green and clean surroundings. If you want to make your dreams come true you have to save water, energy and reduce pollution emission. You can start with your car. The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot of money for new eco-friendly car. Invest some time and money and make your car eco-friendly.

    Your car can be more “green” not only if you replace old components. You can also change your driving habits. Check this list and find simple tips to make your car eco-friendly.

  • Check your tire pressure
    Keep your tires properly inflated. It will make your car more fuel efficient. Properly inflated tires are also safer and last longer.
  • Observe speed limit
    Try to slow down, especially on highway. Thanks to that you can really save fuel and what is more important, you can avoid traffic crash. Remember, thousands of people die in car accidents.
  • Get a GPS
    It is not a joke. With GPS you can find the shortest way and it will prevent you from losing your route.
  • Drive with your windows up, lay off the air conditioning
    Drive with your windows up and make your car more aerodynamic – it is another way to safe your fuel. Try to use air conditioning only when it is necessary – you will not have to tank your car so often.
  • Clean out your trunk, use eco-friendly cleaner to wash your car
    Remove all junks from your trunk. Try to wash your car by using eco friendly cleaner – mix ¾ cup
    “green” powder laundry detergent, 1 cup of “green” liquid dish soap and 3 gallons of water.
  • Quit idling in the Drive – Thru, accelerate smoothly, go easy on brakes
    It is interesting that over 30 seconds of idling can use more gas
    than restarting the engine in car. This is why you should try not to idle as often as
    possible. If you want to safe fuel and also your money, you must not behave like a rally driver. You have to drive quietly and carefully. Using cruise control is a good idea. What is important, your car will be “green” and safe.
  • Use the correct motor oil grade
    It can increase efficiency by up to 2%. Try to find motor oil with signature “Energy Conserving” on the bottle. Unfortunately, it will be not so easy.
  • Replace air filter regularly
    You have to replace air filter regularly to protect your car’s engine. What is more it will help you to cut down fuel consumption by 10 percent.

There are two ways to make your car eco-friendly. Firstly you have to remember to replace old components. Thanks to that you will keep your car in good condition. The second thing you can do is changing your driving habits. Try to drive carefully, leisurely. Remember that thanks to eco-friendly car you can save money and what is the most important – you can safe your life. Eco-friendly car can be one of the solutions to stop environmental pollution or global warming. All in all, even if you do not care about environment, change your car and your driving habits just for you!

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