Top 9 Sex Positions

If you are bored with the repeated sex in the bedroom, then you should read this article and try one of these best of the best sex positions. You should put them into your common sexual life, then you will satisfy your wife for sure. Everyone of us wants to hear sound of bells and get crazy and wild orgasms, but to discover the real key to perfect sex for you both is really hard. Just sit comfortably and take a look at this top 9 sex positions below, choose the best for you and adapt them, then try them out. Afterwards, you both will get new and unforgettable experience and your sex will become really unique.

9. Sexy Spooning

This sex position features intimacy while you spoon and snuggle one another. When you want to assume sexy spooning position, your women should lie on her side and then you ought to close up behind her. While you are in this position you should softly stimulate her body, hug and snuggle her as well. You should not also move in and out but instead of this you ought to stay inside her using gentle motions. By providing her proper G-spot’s stimulation, she should experience ideal orgasm. This is a gentle and passionate position which provides a wonderful joy.

8. Doggy Style

The name Doggy Style is the most common name of this position but not the most appropriate, for this reason, we are going with it. This sexual position is very nice for both of partners and brings them joy but is not as intimate as some of the others positions. Doggy Style features deep penetration. The man should kneel behind the woman. She should be up on all fours. It works when the woman is bent over a table or the bed as well. Men should then stand behind her and start penetrating her.

7. Woman on Top

Woman on Top is one of the favourite for both women and men. It gives her more control over the movements. It includes deep penetration. You should do this position on the floor, chair, or everywhere you feel comfortably. It is easy to assume top position as you lie or sit and then she straddles you. While you do it sitting then you are face-to-face each other, what provides more pleasure. Women control angle, motion and the speed of sex. While this position, woman have more control because their arms and legs are free to increase the movements. While this relation you should forget about standard movements up and down, your woman ought to try to move forward and back, with a soft rubbing motion. Try out different postures and speeds to find maximum pleasure for you both.

6. Reverse Cowgirl

This position is similar to woman on top but while reverse cowgirl the woman is reversed. The woman should straddle him, but she ought to try keeping her legs together, putting her feet flat between the legs of the man. It should bring several benefits to putting the legs together than apart. The bodies are fitted tighter and proper, what makes this moment more intense. While the woman sways forward and backward she should change penetration’s angle, it should increase the G-spot stimulation what makes explosive and wonderful orgasm.

5. The Slow Rock

The slow rock will bring you the biggest joy when you will use a recliner seat or rocking chair. The man ought to sit with the woman on top of it. Her legs should be wrapped around his body or she can wrap them over the chair’s arms for control. This kind of chair allows for deeper and more accurate penetration which provides a brilliant stimulation without bigger effort. This position will bring you a great and unforgettable experiences. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best of top 9 sex positions.

4. One Leg Up

To attain this position woman should lay on her side, secondly she ought to put her leg over the male’s shoulder and after this her second leg down in-between the legs of her partner. One leg up is a little bit more acrobatic position. It involves the lady twisting and stretching gently in order to get maximum pleasure. Even though the women have to use their acrobatic movements, the prize will be really pleasant.

3. Missionary

This is probably the most standard and well known sex positions among couples. Everyone of us probably tried this position out. According to many people, the missionary style is one of the best among sexual positions. While missionary the woman should be on the bottom and her partner ought to be on the top. He has got more control and he does most of the work. While the relation the woman should change her angle of the body and legs positions what cause that the depth of penetration will be more diverse and sensations for both will be unique.

2. Seated Wheelbarrow

While this position man should sit on the edge of a bed, chair, or anywhere else, where he will feel comfortably and the woman ought to reach the ground with her hands. Secondly she should straddle him backwards. As we can see this position looks really like a carrying wheelbarrow. This style does require a body strength on the female’s part, because she should use her arms to do more activity.

1. Improved Doggy Style

Doggy Style as we said above is one of the best of the top 9 sex positions, but we can do it much more better and get more pleasure. To modify it the lady ought to lie down on her stomach, secondly she should lift her rear slowly upwards and then the man has an access to enter inside. The man should lie on top of his partner or prop himself up using his hands. In case, it is difficult to find a comfortable position, then add pillows under the stomach of woman. It should help and cause that you will maintain nice position. This style of configuration gives increased friction what should provide incredible orgasm.

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