What Is Mineral Water and Why We Need It

Water is everywhere…inside human body, on the planet, where is distributed in lakes, rivers, seas, oceans. It is just around us. Existence without water is not possible. People, animals, plants need this liquid to healthful existence. There are two major elements in the composition of water: oxygen and hydrogen. Every person should drink 2 litres of water every day. We are what we eat, the same is with drinking. Accordingly we ought to drink healthy and nourishing water. Okay… but which kind of water is proper one? How can I know, which liquid should I choose? The answer is easy, we should drink mineral water. Every man buys and drinks water, and the water always accompanies us. In this reason we made a decision to write this article to tell you which water is the best one and what is Mineral Water and why we need it. Remember, our body consists of 70% of water, so read this article accurately.

What Mineral Water is made of: Mineral water contains a plenty of nutrients. This water provides us carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen and inert gases. There are many nutrients. We can mention mineral salts, such as carbonates, chlorides, phosphates and sulfates of metals, like magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and more. All these elements cause that mineral water differs significantly from normal water. The best mineral water is this one, which includes about 50 milligrams of magnesium and more than 150 milligrams of calcium. There are 600 chemical reactions in human body, and magnesium takes part in 300 of them. Calcium is a vital component of bones and teeth and is responsible for imparting information by means of nerves. These mineral water facts are really helpful and ought to be used during our shopping decisions.

Sorts of Mineral Water

You can not say that you know what is mineral water and why we need it without knowing the sorts of this liquid. There is a classification of sort of mineral waters. These bottled waters divide on highly mineralized, moderately mineralized and less mineralized. It depends on amount of mineral elements divide in 1 litre of water. Highly mineralized mineral waters divide 15% of mineral elements in their composition. Moderately mineralized mineral waters have got about 10% of mineral elements. And third one, less mineralized mineral waters consists of 5% or less mineral elements. Our choice, which water we should drink, depends on how often we drink mineral water. For men, who often drink water, recommendable is drinking moderately and less mineralized mineral waters. They have less contents of sodium, and we can drink it without moderation. On the contrary to less mineralized waters, high mineralized should be drunk in moderation. As a general rule people with kidney failures and hypertensive should not drink the water, because it can cause to development some disorders.

Worldwide Mineral Water Brands

  • 1. Lauquen – Argentinian bottled water from Patagonia, the area in South Argentina.
  • 2. Laoshan – China bottled water.
  • 3. Zywiec – Polish bottled water.
  • 4. Cave H20 – German bottled water.
  • 5. Gize – Canadian bottled water.
  • 6. Bling H20 – USA bottled water.
  • 7. Pure Swiss – Switzerland bottled water.
  • 8. Mulshi Springs – Indian bottled water.
  • 9. Iskilde – Danish bottled water.
  • 10. Iverskaya – Russian bottled water.

Start Drinking Mineral Water

We can definitely affirm, water is source of life. We are responsible for a shape of our life. Our body wants to be healthful. We should remember that our comfort and form in large measure depends on our menu, what we eat and drink. This is a reason why mineral water facts should be known and used during our life. When you buy a mineral water, you should all the time check the label on the bottle. After reading this article and some medical advises you ought to choose the best mineral water for you without any problems. Now you ought to know what is the mineral water and why we need it. Start drinking this liquid and see the results.

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