The Best Brands of Vodka

Vodka is one of the most famous alcoholic drinks in the world. It is a is pure and clear alcoholic beverage, which is almost flavorless. This beverage is consumed pure or mixed in cocktails with juices or various mixers. Vodka is usually known as a national spirit of Slavic countries such as Poland, Russia or the Ukraine. Vodka is distilled from different grains, including fermented corn mash, wheat mash, rye mash or potato mash. This flavorless spirit goes through a purification process as well, which is the next step in the production of Vodka. This process should remove any impurities from the liquid. Vodka is one of the most venerable alcoholic beverages on our planet, but the quality of Vodka varies from brand to brand. For this reason, we want to introduce you the best brands of vodka in the world. When you read this article, you will know which bottle of this beverage you should choose. Just take a look…

8. Smirnoff Vodka
In the beginning 1900s, this well-known Vodka was distilled in Russia, but it is produced now by a British company. The Smirnoff distillery is situated near Moscow. The production of this beverage was started by Russian peasants. This Russian Vodka is well known, because of its vast array of flavors available. Smirnoff is recently distributed to about 130 lands in the world. For this reason and thanks to good marketing strategy, Smirnoff is recognizable all over the globe. It is made of grains. The price of this vodka is not high, it is around $10 per one bottle.

7. Chopin Vodka
According to these people, who have tried Chopin Vodka, it is unique and one of the best brands of vodka in the world. It is distilled in Poland and is made of potatoes. This alcoholic drink is called after the great Polish composer, Frederic Chopin.. Vodkas, which are made of mash potatoes are not generally as good as beverages distilled from others grains. Even though, the Chopin vodka is distilled from potatoes, the taste of this drink is really great. This is a premium, luxury brand and the price of Chopin vodka per bottle should cost between $35-$40.

6. Finlandia
Finlandia is not made of potato but it is distilled from barley and filtered from the clear glacier water that comes from the region in Finland. The taste of this beverage is snappy and peppery. It has a very dry and bright taste which one might describe as carbonated or sparkling. While you drink this drink you should taste harshness of this liquid at the top of your tongue and mouth, unlike a low quality vodka which burns a back part of your throat. When you add olive oils to Finlandia, then you will make a great Martini. The price of this drink is about $20 per 1.75 liter bottle. Low price and best quality, undoubtedly, we recommend you cocktail made of Finlandia.

5. Belvedere
This is another great vodka, which brand comes from Poland. It is immensely well-known all around the world. Belvedere vodka is made of rye. It was introduced in USA in 1996. The taste of this Vodka is unique and it is made thanks to the distillation process which is longer than distillation process of others brands. This is also one of the oldest known Vodkas . The production of this beverage started 600 years ago. You can find 5 varieties of this alcohol available. And if you want to buy a bottle of Belvedere vodka you should pay around $40.

4. Grey Goose
Grey Goose is one of the high-premium brands of vodka which are available on the market. This beverage is produced in France. This drink is famous all around the world because of the worldwide export made by the French company and also because of the great velvety taste. Grey Goose is made of French wheat, which has a great velvety taste. Recently, the owner of this brand is Bacardi, which is the biggest distributor of alcoholic beverages at this moment. The bottle of this tasty Vodka should cost around $30 per bottle.

3. Stolichnaya
This great Russian Vodka reached USA in 1972. The Pepsi corporation started importing Stolichnaya from the USSR. Since then, this product become one of the favorite Russian products on the American market, and it still is one of the best sold brands of Vodka in USA. The design of the bottle is old-fashioned and is still in the style of the communist USSR. The taste of this beverage is as distinct and biting as ever. According to many, the Stoli vodka is less blunt than also well known alcoholic beverages – Absolut and some of people claim they can taste hints of charcoal while they drink Stolichnaya. This Vodka is filtered through Siberian birch charcoal, cloth and quartz. It is made of wheat. The price of this vodka is around $22.99 per bottle.

2. Jewel of Russia Classic
Everyone who tried this beverage says this is an excellent high-premium drink. Jewel of Russia is the best Russian Vodka and one of the best brands of Vodka in the world as well. It was introduced in 2001. The package looks handsome and heavy. The bottle is square-shaped with red wax seals. The expensive design along with what you will find inside will not disappoint you for sure. The Jewel of Russia Classic is smoother and cleaner than Stoli vodka. Every connoisseur of premium alcoholic beverages will tell you that the taste is more than delicious, it is expensive. The price is $34.99 for 1 liter.

1. Absolut
Absolut is the next great Vodka in our list of top 8 best Vodkas. It is very interesting that the design of package of this beverage is based on an old Swedish medicine bottle. We should mention that hardly 40 percent of Vodka which is imported to USA is Absolut brand. This is one of the best Vodkas, and is made of grains that grow in the fields of southern part of Sweden. In the beginning, it was produced at the old distilleries near Ahus. The tradition of Absolut producing is very rich. It started 400 years ago. The great tradition and spectacular taste make this beverage so popular among connoisseurs.

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