Top 10 Workout Songs For You

Good music is an amazing motivator for every man. While we listen music we are happier and do our work more enthusiastic. This is the reason why most of us everyday uses headphones in the gym. From lifting, to running or to stretching, music makes these exercises much more enjoyable. Of course, every man has got his own music style and his favourite songs. Some of us enjoys the workout with classical music and others with rap. We did a research and asked some people about their favourite workout songs and chose the Top 10 Best Workout Songs for You. This list is made specially for you, just take a look…

“Seven Nation Army”- The White Stripes

If you are fun of great rock. You want to do intensive training. This song is for you. This song is anthem of garage-rock. Its insistent drum, steady bass, great sound is thrilling and stimulating. This stimulating song provides you boost of energy. While your workouts you will feel, you are 100 feet tall. The lyrics also have got big impact for you. When you hear: “A seven nation army could not hold me back,” then you feel like an invincible fighter and you can do everything you want. Undoubtedly, both the amazing intro and incredible finale make your workouts enjoyable. Just wear headphones and enjoy your training.

“Stronger” – Kanye West

This is one of the most famous song. It is Grammy-winning track. While you do your workouts you should be really strong and the title “Stronger” will give you this feeling for sure. This track of Kanye West will deliver you this power. If you keep mind on your workouts, knowing that you are listening the song “Stronger” your muscles will start working perfectly. This track is melodic and quite fast that makes you stronger for sure. The words of the song also has got positive and optimistic impact on your spirit and deliver you desire to making your exercises.

“Romantic Rights” – Death From Above 1979

This is next song that will deliver you positive adrenaline. Death From Above 1979 was a Canadian band that broke up in 2006. It was a very sad information for many fun of this powerful band. Luckily, before they broke up they recorded one of the best album typically for men. The title of this album is “You’re A Woman, I’m a Machine”. The song will make your workouts more intensive and will be a powerful engine for every man. Fun of pumping iron or heavy metal and also people who love catchier rock will be completely satisfied. You should use this tune very early while your workouts to get the shot of energy. When you will hear the strong and loud words of singer “I do not want you, I need you”, you will be positively stimulated to action.

“Master of Puppets” – Metallica

Metallica is probably the most known metal band in the history of music. “Master of Puppets” was released in 1986. The truck is about dealing with drugs and how they can control you when you are addicted. But the character of this song can make you the master of the gym as well. The truck is lasting 8 minutes and 36 seconds that gives you long, powerful kick to action. You can be really tired before the song will be finished. Video Hits 1 has ranked this truck as the third best heavy metal song in the history of world music.

“Thunderstruck” – AC/DC

This is obvious that metal and hard rock songs suit to the gym. Heavy and strong character of these sorts of music provide the men who like spending their time in the gym the extra energy. It is well known that metal or rock have got a lot of positive aggression. AC/DC is one of the best bands that can provide you these thrilling emotions. Only few bands can exemplify you this great sound and among them AC/DC takes very strong position for sure. As titles as “Heatseeker,” “Highway to Hell,” For Those About to Rock” and more are really great choices while your training, but “Thunderstruck,” can boil your blood to the highest temperature. AC/DC and their trucks equal positive and strong power. That is a real adventure to spend your time in the gym and listen “Thunderstruck”. Every real man should testify this song while his training. This is one of the strongest position in this list of the top 10 workout songs for you.

“The Rat” – Walkmen

This band consists of five talented musicians. The musicians play the bass, guitar and drums that together creates a really nice band. While you listen the songs of the Walkmen you can feel the positive sound of their trucks. “The Rat” is one of the best song of Walkmen’s trucks. The positive emotions of the song hit you and deliver positive vibrations. Your nerves and muscles will start working and your workouts accelerate significantly. The best moment to listen this song is at the beginning of the training or when you desire a strong boost.

“Slither” – Velvet Revolver

When you start listening this song, it does not sound like a perfect workout song, but wait a little bit. The introduction will finish quickly and then the great sound of guitar will send the signal to your brain and muscles: ACTION. The sharp sound of guitar and perfect vocal will make your training. The sound of truck moves from quick, energetic speed to slower motions. When you need positive boost of energy then the “Slither” of Velvet Revolver will be a great choice. Just wear your head phones and start your training.

“Nookie” – Limp Bizkit

If you think Limp Bizkit is an immature band and they do not know how to play a good and energetic music, you are wrong. Limp Bizkit has got a very wide repertory of energetic songs. “Nookie” is one of these songs, that will make a real explosion of your muscles. While you listen this song, undoubtedly, you need to move. Workouts will be the greatest idea! It is a great energy boost. When you are in bad mood, the Limp Bizkit will make your day as well. If it is not your good day, just wear your head phones go to the gym and do your workouts while you will listen “Nookie”.

“More Human Than Human” – White Zombie

You do not know what the words of this song mean but the great and positive sound of this track is filling your body by positive energy. Both the great vocal and the shredding guitar sound make you snappier. You want to live and you want to do action. This is a perfect match, workouts and this song. While you listen this song you desire running in marathon, playing football and becoming a champion. “More Human Than Human” is one of the strongest position in our list of the top 10 best workouts songs for you.

“Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor

Probably, every man has watched “Rocky” move. One of the greatest moves in the history of cinema. It shows the story of great boxer. Every man who spends his time in the gym wants to be the great fighter and real champion. Because of this, the Eye of the Tiger is a perfect song while the workouts of every man. Great, dynamic music, the scenes from the move provide us extra strength and positive boost of energy. When you listen this song you know that you are fighter and need to prove this. Workouts give you this possibility, you can show that you are the great man, the real champion of the world.

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