The Most Popular Sorts of Alcohols

Men sometimes need alcohol to take relax. It gives them a fresh breathe and rest. While our daily life, we have many activities, our job, duties, family. All of them make our life full of stress, and we do not have time for proper relaxation. Of course, alcohol is not the proper treatment but it might recharge our batteries from time to time. Drinking and tasting of this beverage can be really enjoyable. But first of all, we ought to remember about drinking it in moderation. It depends only on us, does alcohol have good impact on people. When you taste alcohol you should do it with class. For this reason, we want to introduce you the most popular sorts of alcohols and tell you some information about them. Just take a look.


This beverage is usually made of grapes or different fruits. The process of a production is called a fermentation. To these fruits are added yeasts. The yeasts consume sugars from the fruits and exchange them for alcohol. There are a lot of varieties of wines and classifications. Wines are mostly classified by region, where they were produced. There are as regions as: Bordeaux, Chianti, Hunter Valley, Napa Valley and much more. Nevertheless, there are wines which are classified by varieties of grapes, for example Merlot. Additionally, the most common and well-known sorts of wine are red wines and white wines. Wines should also mature in barrels in wine cellars. A moderate consumption of this beverage has got good influence on health of people.


Whiskey is made of fermented grain mash. There are a lot of varieties of whiskey. Every of them consists of different grains. There should be mentioned: malted, barley rye, maize, barley, wheat. Whisky matures in barrels. The barrels are made of oak. The process name is Whiskey Maturation Process. This process ought to last minimum 3 years. The whiskey should have at least 40% of alcohol concentration. This one of the most popular sorts of alcohol mainly comes from Scotland, England, Ireland, Japan, USA, Wales.


Vodka is made of grains, potatoes and sometimes fruits in process of distillation. Vodka has got a high concentration of alcohol. The common alcohol content is about 40%. But there are also vodkas which have more than 40% of alcohol content, there are even as high vodkas as 60%. The vodka is very popular in eastern Europe and countries around Baltic sea. It may be drank clear or it is mixed with another liquids and ingredients, and then it is drank as drinks. There are a lot of drinks, for example: Bloody Mary, Sex on the Beach, White Russian, Vodka Martini.


This is one of the most common drink overall, which consists of water, hops, yeast and malted barley. Beer is produced during fermentation process. The name of the whole process is brewing. This is the world’s oldest known alcohol. The oldest known prove of using beer by people was discovered in Mesopotamia. Aborigines were using this drink as a part of prayer to goddess Nikasi. The strength of beer depends on way of production. The most common strength of these drinks are around 4%-8% of alcohol, but there are beers, which can have even 20% of alcohol. Undoubtedly, beer is one of the most popular sorts of alcohol ever.


We know this alcohol as Brandy. The shorter name of it is word brandewijn, that is Dutch word and means “fire wine”. It is a spirit liquid that is made of grapes. It is distillation process. The grapes are distilled and they achieve as wine. Mostly, this beverage is produced from grape wine, although some can be made from the mixture of seeds and stems as well, which have pulpy consistency. Later the grapes are pressed. You can also meet brandy that is produced from the fermented juices but different than grape juices.

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