Top 7 Best Restaurants In The World

Every man loves eating great food. Magic and unrepeatable taste has got a great power that makes us happier and fulfilled. It is not so easy to prepare such meals. It requires special knowledge, engagement and spirit of cooking artist. Real men love incredible taste, because of that we made a list of top 7 best restaurants in the world, especially for you. Just take a look and be aware where are the most wonderful oasis of taste on our planet.

1. Noma – Denmark

The location of this Danish restaurant is inside an old warehouse, which is located in the Christianshavn that is near of central part of Copenhagen. Noma restaurant specializes in Nordic cuisine that produces incredible taste of dishes. The main seat of this restaurant is located in old warehouse in Copenhagen. The Chef of Noma, who is Rene Redzipi introduces classical Scandinavian/Nordic cuisines. The crew of this restaurant prepares really great dishes. You can be sure that you will try something unique and incredible. Noma got the great awards for the best restaurant in Europe and S.Pellegrino Best Restaurant in the world.

2. El Bulli – Spain

The Chief of this restaurant is splendid cook. His name is Ferran Adria. He has got very wide knowledge about great cooking that we can find out while we visit El Bulli. Many of cooks who had possibility of working with him have experienced something new. The techniques and ideas that they learnt, they took them back to their restaurants from all over the world. His great ability gives him this advantage over others. Even people who work for him are becoming one of the top greatest chiefs in the cooking world. Ferran Adria rejects common cooking rules. His dishes are unique and present something more that provides customers unforgettable memories. El Bulli was among the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant Award more than 5 times in the last years. This achievement makes Ferran Adria one of the best Chief of recent times.

3. The Fat Duck – United Kingdom

This Britain restaurant is located in Bray, Berkshire. This was formed in 1995. The restaurant is one of four in UK and Ireland which has got a three-star Michelin Guide rating. The chief of this great place is Heston Blumenthal. The cuisine in this restaurant is well known for its menu that consists of unusual and delicious dishes. Menu includes creation of molecular gastronomy including “sardine on toast sorbet”, “salmon poached with liquor”, “bacon, egg ice cream” or “snail porridge”. Chief and his crew in the Fat Duck make the various experiments which makes the perception of the dish incredible. You can find various starters in the restaurant’s menu that begin your wonderful feast. For instance, there you will find the “jelly of beetroot and orange”, which is unrepeatable and unique meal. It was also called as the best restaurant worldwide by Restaurant Magazine.

4. El Celler de Can Roca – Spain

This Spanish restaurant is the creation of three brothers, including head chief Joan Roca, pastry chief Jordi, head sommelier Josep. After opening the restaurant, it was a meteoric jump into the top 7 best restaurants in the world. You can find there a great wine cellar. This incredible cellar offers guests the unique audio-visual journey through different wine regions of the world. There is also breathtaking dining area that is created with organic materials. You will spend there wonderful time under abundance of natural light. Spain is a country of the highest class restaurants.

5. Osteria Francescana – Italy

This Italian restaurant was out-of the World’s 50 Greatest Restaurants one year ago. So the 13th position should be a great success for the creators of this place. This is the best oasis of food in Italy. Massimo Bottura is the chief of this restaurant. He is a master of geometry, texture and colors. The final result of his gifted work is a great perception of his dishes by customers. When they will see matches on the plate that are laying in splendor, artistic position, they will feel they are eating something special. Interior design of Osteria Francescana is adorned with unique art, which provides this place beauty. This restaurant has got strong position among the top 7 best restaurant in the world.

6. Mugaritz – Spain

It is the next great Spanish restaurant that is located in San Sebastian. The exact location is in a village, which is on the south of San Sebastian. The chef of Mugaritz is Andoni Aduriz who was student at El Bulli restaurant. The menu consists of various and unique positions including: beef with vine cuttings, milk curd and toasted fern or hearts soaked with warm lettuce in vanilla brine and more. Mugaritz restaurant is playing a great role in creation of new cooking style. The chief is deviating from orthodoxy and tradition restaurant food. You will enjoy your time in Magaritz for sure.

7. Arzak – Spain

This restaurant is located in the 7th position on our list. The chief of this cuisine is Juan Mari Arzak. He serves modern and incredible dishes that amuse the senses of humans. This business has been since long time in Arzak. They have continued restaurant activity in San Sebastian since late 19s. Recently, very talented daughter – Elena is creating dishes as well. Arzak is located in Spain. It is famous and highly awarded cuisine in the world. In 2008 Juan Mari Arzak, the chief of the restaurant was awarded the prize that name is Universal Basque award. The prize has marked the great position of Arzak. Your senses will be satisfied for sure.

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