How to Make a Great Coffee?

If you would like to know the best recipe for good coffee then you got well. We will tell you how to make a great coffee. Now, you do not need to go to the exclusive café, you can enjoy tasty coffee at your home that let you save your money as well. We are introducing you step-by-step how you should make the best home made coffee. It is very easy to make this drink, and we will tell you how do this without spending a lot of money. You do not need special equipment either, what you need is cone filter and inexpensive grinder. Both, will let you make incredible coffee. When you would like to try very easy technique, which is used by high-class restaurants for preparation great coffee, pick up the french press.

Below we are introducing you step-by-step how to make a great coffee. When someone will ask you next time how to make it, then you will answer: It is so easy!!!

1. Get roasted coffee beans. They should be fresh. The fresher beans you will get the better for the taste of coffee because roasted coffee loses its flavour immediately.
2. Measure spring water or filtered water into a small kettle and then bring the water to a boil. When the water will be boiled then switch off the heat. Before you will use the water it should wait for 30-60 seconds. After this time the water will be perfect to use.
3. In next step you should grind fresh beans in a burr grinder. Do it before brewing process. A burr grinder is a great tool because it does not heat or damage the beans while grinding. For french press use the coarse setting to grind the coffee and for a cone filter use a fine setting. Take 1 to 1.5 table spoons of fresh beans for each 4 ounces of filtered water.
4. Do not forget about the rule of “two minute”: the rule says that the ground coffee should wait for brewing less than two minutes and no more.
When you made french press you ought to place the coarse ground coffee inside the elegant pot and then pour all the boiled water on the coffee. In the next step you should place the plunger on the top. Remember that before you will push the plunger down to the ground, wait about 5 minutes. This activity will separate the coffee grounds from the brewed coffee. Then serve immediately.
When you want to make a drip coffee, use the fine ground coffee that is the setting in the cone filter. Then pour a little of the boiled water directly on the grounds. Wait till the water makes these coffee grounds wet, it should last about 15-20 seconds. After this time fill the rest of the pot in. After all, wait about 30 seconds and then serve immediately.
5. And in the last step, just enjoy your drinking!

Now you will know how to make a great coffee drink. So do not wait and prepare this incredible drink and enjoy the moment. The great taste, wonderful fragrance and broad smile…Coffee can give you it for sure.

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