Top 10 Greatest Books for Men

Definitely, we should read more books. Because of this we made the list of top 10 greatest books for men to provide guys great titles for improving their own libraries. It is hard to prepare the list of the best books. Every one of us can have different tastes, so for one of us the fiction will be better and for others drama or political books. Even though, we made a decision to create this list. Take a look at this note and if you will find the title that you have not read yet then you should reach for this title. While you will read the new book, we wish you a great time spending with this book. Take a look…

An Incomplete Education – William Wilson and Judy Jones

Reading this book, you will find everything that you forgot from your school years or plenty information about which you have not heard yet. The first version of this educational book has appeared in 1987. Next there appeared updated version of An Incomplete Education that has got 12 various disciplines, including American studies, philosophy or world history. The authors of this book William Wilson and Judy Jones introduce a lot of useful information. They write about the plot of Othello or differences between fusion and fission. You will update your knowledge and find useful information in interesting way.

Dino – Nick Tosches

This is a biography of Dean Martin, who was American singer and actor. He came from Italy but spent his life in USA. He was good friend of Frank Sinatra. His life was sprawling. This book is real masterpiece. The reader can know the history of Nick Tosches’ life very exactly. There are many information that are heavily researched and deeply imagined. You will find out about Tosches’s love stories, his works, and life generally. This Italian barber’s son was an icon of twentieth-century American manhood.

Fitness Training Handbook – US Army

A physical fitness of every single soldier has got a huge impact in his combat readiness. Every soldier should be well practiced. While every single battle in which any troop fights, they underscore the importance of physical fitness of soldiers on the battlefield. The more soldiers who have finished proper fitness program then the strength and effectiveness of troop much better. There is overwhelming conclusion that the training programs enhance a human’s quality of life, bring positive mental and physical changes and improve productivity. This book will describe you the US Army training routines.

The Road to Serfdom – F A Hayek

While you will read this book you will find out about economics, intellectual history or political philosophy. The Road to Serfdom was published in 1944 and was inspired by political events of XX century. Originally, it was published in England, while the history of world stood upside down. This book was proclaimed as heretical because of its warning against the state control and its danger impact on the means of production. The Road to Serfdom was said to have had significant influence on as persons as Churchill, Thatcher or Reagan and of course many others. We ought to also mention that the book was banned in some courtiers, including for instance USSR or China.

A Sense Where You Are – John McPhee

This is slight meditation on a basketball player whose name is Bill Bradley. He is a star of basketball. You will read about gifted and blessed player, who reach his victory by hard trainings and who spend a lot of time in empty gyms or college dormitories. They way to success is not easy and the real victory demands a lot of sacrifice. Bill Bradley has to make important decisions that will let him reach his own big success. If you need motivation then the book is for you. Undoubtedly, it is one on of the best titles in our list of top 10 greatest books for men.

Hamlet – William Shakespeare

Shakespeare is one of the most popular writers in the history of world’s writing. So it should not be surprise that William Shakespeare is on this list. He has written many great books, including Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet and much more. We placed Hamlet on the list that is tragedy which was probably written about 1600. The play of the book is in Denmark. It says about Prince Hamlet who wants to get revenge on his uncle, because he murdered Hamlet’s father, who was the King.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain

This is classic that is rather for younger generation but we added it to our list of 10 greatest books for men because every one of us should read this book. The author – Huckleberry Finn is one of the first great American writers who were writing wonderful novels. The book is one of the first American novels written describing local beautiful colors of regional landscapes, or vernacular. You will meet the adventures and life of Huckleberry “Huck” Finn, who is the best friend of Tom Sawyer.

What It Takes – Richard Ben Cramer

When in 1992, while the summer time Bill Clinton was getting the Democratic nomination to the presidential election, then Richard Cramer published this absorbing and gorgeous book about the running for the American presidency. There were a lot of doubts about this book because the author had focused his talent on 1988. People thought that Cramer wrote about not interesting election, he wrote about the wrong times. But it makes him real genius. Because the next fifty years all similar books will be measured the book of Richard Ben Cramer.

Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality – Sigmund Freud

It is a book that touches and strikes even recent people. Sigmund Freud is describing kiss as the contact between partners that is mucous membrane of their lips. He says about romance as a perversion process. He traced the architecture of adult life to the hidden sexuality of children. Genius and uniqueness but also a little nutty, Freud is changing our minds and keeping us in deep reflection.

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Last title should be your own, favorite book that should be mention on this list of best books for men. If you want to add any book to this list, just write the title in the comments below the text. Enjoy your reading great Men!

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