How To Train Your Dog Properly

We love dogs and many of us have got our own dog. They are our friends. The smarter is our pet the better we understand each other. A lot of people do not have any idea how to train the dog properly. To help you to develop the skills of your dog we made decision to write this article. No one wants to have the pet that makes a lot of problems and behave in bad way. Many people do not want to have any pets because they do not trust animals and they are worry about their behaviors.

But dogs do not have to be like this. They can coexist with their owner, our children, and others people. They can be very smart and helpful as well. And keeping a dog at our home can bring a lot of advantageous for your family, you and your home.

You want your pet to be part of your family. The dog that respects the rules of your home and it follows them as well. If you think it is impossible and how to actually start training of your four legs friend then we will show you it is not so hard to do this.

If you are searching these tips and you found this article you are in right place. We will try to give you the best advices and best ideas to train your dog.

The Faster the Better

First of all you should start teach your dog as soon as it is possible. The younger is your dog the easier for him to know more variety of skills, and a more variety of good behaviors. So start training him when he is still puppy.

I will introduce you one example now. My friend with his own puppy that name is Lady was developing in his best friend the ability to retrieve and recognize different toys of animals by their names. My friend knew very well that he ought to start teaching his dog advanced skills as soon as it is possible, because the puppy will understand the rules of training easier, will get used to it quickly and will be much easier to modify his dog behaviors later as well. Starting the training while the dog is young, he prepared his dog´s brain to learning and knowing new skills in the future. He opened his dog´s brain.

Below we are introducing you the names of training that you should teach your dog during his youngest years of life.

• Agility
• Retrieving
• Scent Tracking
• Trick Training
• Fly Ball
• Gun Dog Training Drills
• Object Discrimination

Form Your Dog Personality

Another thing which is very important in your dog training program is building the personality of your pet. It is being formed in the dog’s brain till the pet will reach the age of two and a half year.

The same is with every young being that what he experiences, sees or the way others interact with this young being drastically influences and shape his personality. Both human kids or dogs or others animals form their personality while they observe habits and behaviors of their environment.

I will introduce you example from many articles that say how punishment affects the young children and how they develop aggressive behaviors among them. The articles say that more kids who experienced more violence in their life then they are more aggressive in their future life. They do not trust other people as strong as persons who have not experienced so strong violence and they do not interact with other people properly. According to many researchers the same is with animals that experienced more violence.

The conclusion is easy. The beings are not born aggressive. They develop their aggressive behaviors by observing the violence and experiencing negative feelings.

It is evidence that you are the person who plays the main role in shaping personality of your dog. So it depends on you what your four legs friend will do and what will not. This is reason why you should know how to train your dog properly to develop his personality in the best way for him and you.

Your Dog Your Best Friend

It is very important to treat your dog as a part of your family or one of the best friends. Your pet needs attention and needs to be treat properly. He also ought to receive a lot of love. When your dog feels like a part of your family then he is happy, obedience and wants to learn.

Before you will decide to keep a dog you should talk to your family. All of your home mates, all of your family members should accept this decision. One world – it should be a decision of you all. It can´t be like this that only you want to get the dog. You dog should be loved by all parts of your family. Only then he can receive real attention and love.

This is a reason why we should get our dog while he is puppy. Then we can establish real warm relation with him. When our dog has been in our family since he is puppy then he understands us more, he makes himself comfortable, feels that your home is his home as well and what is the most important he knows that you are his owner and he ought to listen you.

Be Firm and Decided

Next very important thing is to be firm and decided. Your dog will behave negatively many times. These negative behaviors can´t repeat again and again and this reason you should be assertive and say “NO” to your dog.

I will give you one example. Your dog will walk outside. And it will rain badly outside. He will come back home dirty and wet and will start walking around the house jumping on the bad then you should stop him rapidly. You can´t allow behavior like this.

When you let him to repeat negative actions then remember that your dog will get used to them. You should be aware of this that your pet does not know that some things are bad. You are the one who must explain him these proper rules.
Do not be scared to STOP him doing negative things. Like we mentioned be firm and decided. It is better for you and your dog if you scream at him or you punish him in proper way then he will get used to bad things.

You should remember and follow these tips if you want to develop your dog skills in the best way. We introduced you only the core of the training. When you know how you should treat your dog properly then you will know how to teach them all tricks. Be patient and spend a little time every day with your four legs friend. You should do it regularly. Develop as well your knowledge how to train your dog properly.

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