10 Essential Grooming Tips for Men

Sprucing up without looking too polished or feminine is what most of the guys are looking for when it comes to male grooming. Today, we live in a world, where people pay a lot of importance to your personal appearance, whether it is in the dating world or in the workplace. And off course, many experts say that good grooming is one the most important keys to success.

Recent statistics have shown that men In U.S.A are spending not lesser than $4 billion per year on male grooming products like facial scrubs and hair colors, motivated by their desire to feel good and look their best always. Following are some of the essential grooming tips for men.

Trim your Nose Hairs:

        It may sound funny for some people, but it is something very important and basic that makes a lot of difference when it comes to one’s personal appearance. Today, you can find a variety of nose hair clippers with an affordable price. Believe it or not, this is something really undesirable that people do notice, especially when you come for an interview.

Trim your Eyebrows:

        When I say trim your eyebrows, it doesn’t mean you to go for eyebrows threatening and get a shape done like women. However, it is important to trim your eyebrows from time to time not to make your eyebrows look too bushy. In fact, experts even recommend getting it done professionally to open up your eyes. Before heading to your office, make sure that you brush them up, as this opens up your eyes, making you look more alert and fresh.

Clear the Hair off from your Neck and Ears:

        Whenever you trim your hair, don’t forget to clean up the hair of your neck and ears. This is something that makes the person look very clean and well groomed. The sight of the hair from your ears or neck that appears on your shirt collar is never appealing no matter where you are.

Keep your Nails clean and Short:

        If you are trying to impress a girl/woman, make sure you keep your nails short and clean. Long, dirty fingernails or toenails require no explanation, why people just hate them. If your schedule or budget permits, try to get a manicure/pedicure done every month in a spa. You may also like to buff your nails, in order to keep them healthy and smooth without looking artificial.

Have your Clothes Tailored:

        No matter what clothing you opt for or what body shape you have, it is very important to choose the cloth that is well fitted to your body and have your clothes tailored. Well-fitted and tailored clothes make the person look much better and appealing.

Floss your teeth Regularly:

        You may not have the perfect teeth, but you can always keep them clean. It doesn’t matter whether your teeth are not straight or not in good shape, please ensure that you brush your teeth twice daily and floss your teeth on a regular basis. Bad breath is certainly one of the biggest turn-offs, and it is even more unappealing or disgusting to see food stucking between the teeth or built-up plaque when you are talking to someone. I know this is something which you heard it many times, but make sure you take nothing for granted.

Invest in Some Good Facial Cleansers and Creams:

        Being a guy, you really don’t need to empty your pockets in cosmetics. However, you need to have at least one good facial face wash or cleanser and face cream. If you have blackheads or pimples, try to invest in a good quality cleanser to get rid of them, and make your skin appear younger and clean. Avoid using the same body soap for your face. Most of the body cleansers are far too strong for your face, since the skin of you face is much more sensitive when compared to the skin of your body.

Stand Up Straight:

        Since from our childhood, we have heard our parents or teachers several times to sit and stand up straight, but we often took it for granted. Your posture is something very important when it comes to your physical appearance. When standing straight and walking tall, you make yourself appear more confident and smart, no matter how tall or short you are. Walking or standing with your shoulders or back hunched, makes the person look shorter, older and clumsy.

Match your Belt with Your Shoes:

        It is such a simple thing, but it definitely makes a lot of difference when it comes to men’s fashion. Wearing a white or other colored belt on black shoes will make you look disaster. You may not be that fashion conscious male, but following such basic tips will make you look much appealing and fashionable.

When it comes to Cologne, Less is always More:

      This is a golden rule for men, when it comes to perfume. It’s good to keep your body smells good; however you don’t have to go overboard. Perfume or cologne is such a personal choice and you need to figure out the one that suits you best. Just make sure that you don’t overdo or bathe in it!!!

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