Divorce – Good or Bad

    The wedding vow says: „I choose you to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live”.
      People want to be loved. Girls dream about an amazing weeding and a perfect husband, when boys dream about a beautiful and loving wife. They aim at getting an ideal relationship, but life is not a ‘bed of roses’. Building a strong marriage takes time and devotion. After getting married, spouses see more weaknesses of their partners. It causes misunderstandings which in turn lead to divorces. The number of them has increased significantly in the recent world. There is the highest level of divorces in developed countries. The questions are:

are divorces good or bad?

    People should get it or not? To answer these questions we have to consider what causes disassociations among couples.
    There are a lot of reasons why people get a divorce. One of them is bad communication between partners. A wife and a husband create a team that should work perfectly. It is possible only when they get on well with each other. They ought to make corporate decisions, look for agreement, and respect the ideas of a partner. People in a relationship have to talk and express their emotions, even these most inhibiting. It closes them up. A wife does not know what is inside her husband’s head and the other way round. While people talk, they need to be listened. They need somebody who always gives them a piece of advice and shows understanding. Without proper communication between spouses, a longer relationship can be hard and awkward. What is more, people can become strangers to each other.
    Second very often cause of getting a divorce is an infidelity. Then when someone will ask you: are divorces good or bad, you should always answer it is good solution. It is very hard and painful for a partner who finds out about his spouse’s unfaithfulness. A deluded person stops to trust his partner and this situation is kept in his mind. In such a situation, he does not know what will happen next time. The man is afraid of more lies, is frightened that the partner can repeat this abusive situation. In this case it is very hard to avoid getting a divorce.
    The last but not least essential motive to get divorce is financial problems. Expenditures have been always following us. As a family, both a wife and a husband have their own budget which they ought to control. There are not many troubles when they have enough money and their life is comfortable. However, when crisis comes, partners start to have different arguments. They talk and think only about troubles, needed money and their bad situation. Wives often blame their husbands that they are not doing nicely, and husbands blame wives that they spend too much money. Incriminations, fear of bankruptcy, and poverty make people scared. That is why many arguments arise between partners, and this leads to a divorce very commonly.
    Getting divorce should happen when talks, specialists, and other solutions do not work. In a relationship, both a wife and a husband are of equal importance. They should be happy and feel comfortable in the relationship. If one of them feels mental or physical pressure because of his partner, he should think about getting a divorce. The most frequently, we can watch such situations when one of the spouses drinks too much alcohol, has mental disorder, has ability to aggressiveness, or cheats on his/her partner. In such circumstances, a divorce is the best solution.
    Nevertheless, there can be less important reasons for getting a divorce, such as financial troubles or communication problems. In such situations, spouses ought to find a solution which could help to cure relationship and avoid a divorce. They should go to a specialist, try to talk or make some break in their relationship. After catching a breath, they should make the last decision. There are a lot of reasons of divorces. In some situations we can claim that they are good solutions. Still, they are also bad solutions in many cases. People must remember that they ought to take joy and happiness from their lives. Loving family can give it to them.
    It is hard to answer are divorces good or bad. The most important is to think twice. People should think at least twice before saying “YES” to a person they are going to spend the rest of their life with.

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