Ways of Discipline an Unruly Child

      “Harmonizing heart and brain through love is what can establish a complete intelligence, a complete self, where a child can look at life and realize there are no dead ends, there are always possibilities. The greatest gift a parent can give a child during all the ups and downs of life is love” (Doc Childre).
    Parents teach children and shape their future attitudes. Children are one of the most wonderful and important gifts for parents. They are sweet, beautiful, and they cause a smile on faces of their caretakers. Even though, they often do not listen to their parents and become disobedient children. There is one of ways of discipline and unruly child. You as a father should support your child. In that case, parents must show their abilities of parenting. This is one of the most important principles of forming the personality of every child.
      In parents’ life there are a lot of situations in which their children misbehave. Then, a father or a mother burst into anger very often and start shouting at them. Nevertheless, they ought to remember that they are older and more mature than their children, so that when emotions prevail logical thinking, they have to get the better of these emotions and start thinking in a reasonable way.
      First of all, a good father should show his respect to a child by using courtesy and sympathy. The child should see that the parent understands its needs, and should know that the parent is to help and support him/her. The understanding of a problem is one of the priorities of apprehension the needs of a child. In this way, a parent should offer help in solving the kid’s problem.
      For instance, a father or a mother should say: “do not worry, we can overcome these obstacles together and succeed it”. After such words children should become encouraged to action. Then he or she will leave their negative emotions. They will see they are supported and important. When you and your child will succeed it, your child will stop behaving in a bad way and throw out negative behaviors. This is an example of very important way of discipline an unruly child.
      Second very important ability in raising unruly children is sturdiness and assertiveness. Every parent should be able to recognize the differences in the behavior of a child. When your son or your daughter behaves in an awkward way and she or he starts doing bad things that can cause danger or harm. Then caretakers ought to say ‘stop’, and they should not change their point of view. In that case, they have to remember that they can not inhibit their wards’ misbehavior by yelling at them letting negative emotions reveal.
    Parents should present a problem and show its negative effects that can arise. For example, when a child makes a mess in his or her room, a caretaker can hide its most favorite toy in this mess. Afterwards, you as the father can tell the kid that the toy is somewhere in the chaos. When the child tidies up his or her room, the toy is found. The kid should remember this lesson and take care more of the room and his/her stuffs.
    Another essential point in way of discipline is cooperation. Every human being is less upset when he is not alone during worse moments. Parents and their children should present a united team. Caretakers should treat their kids in the way they treat themselves. Every member of the family has to be of equal importance. They ought to make collective decisions and actions. When a child feels the adhesion to its family, and feels the support and spirit of cooperation, he or she starts to behave like other members of a team like member of the great family.
    Parents have to remember that they also were children and that they used to behave in an unruly way. That is why they should be understanding to their children and use their logical thinking in process of parenting. Their main goal should be creating a DREAM TEAM where both parents and children can overcome every obstacle as a perfect family. In such a team children become wonderful and smart people who understand that courtesy is significantly the better way of behavior.
    Analyze these ways of discipline an unruly child and then you will understand better your child.

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