Top 3 Best Pubs in London

London is a great and big city. You can find there a lot of entertainments. Everyone will find something special for him for sure. If you want to live there or just visit this place like a tourist it is a great idea. You can visit there many famous places including: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Covet Garden, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, or Houses of Parliament. But after you will visit these wonderful and amazing landmarks you ought to spend some time in incredible London pubs.

If you want to relax and have fun during your evening time then London pubs are the greatest solution. You and your friends will spend amazing time between the walls of these pubs. If you do not have any idea about the names of the pubs in London we would like to introduce you top 3 best pubs in London in England. You will have a great time in these places for sure, so if you visit England you should not forget to visit some of them. Just take a look…

Zeitgeist London

Number 3 in our list is Zeitgeist pub. This is the German gastropub. Visiting this place you can taste German beers, feel atmosphere of German football and also take a look on German staff. This pub is located in the back part of Lambeth Street. Zeitgeist London pub does a great job of attracting citizens of London but non-locals from all around the world love visiting this place as well. The assortment is very rich. You have opportunity to select from among 16 beers that brands come from Germany and from among 32 bottled beers. The menu of beers is unrivalled. As we mentioned it is a gastropub, that means you can eat there as well. The kitchen of Zeitgeist London serves delicious Teutonic favorites including schnitzel, schweinebraten, currywurst . The meals match very well to German beer. Spending time in this pub you will forget about Anglo-German sport arguments, you will enjoy your time there. If you want to relax, have a nice time and taste a good beer Zeitgeist is the great choice.

Princess Louise

If you are looking for Victorian London’s taste, you should go to Holborn, where you can find various drinking dens from 19th century. The Louise is the temple of wooden panels, etched glass and bar lamps. The ambiance of the place has even made the pub looks and feels more genuine, partitioned with their private places. And, being a pub of Sam Smith, the beer is quite cheap here. You can find different classes or kinds of people in Princess Louise Pub. Being located in the central area, it draws in different kinds of people ranging from the office workers, adventurous tourists and lawyers from the nearby district. But all you gentlemen make sure that you look out the period urinals that have mentioned status.

The Faltering Fullback

This third in the list but not last pub is hidden in the back part of Stroud Green Streets in Finsbury Park. The Faltering Fullback pub is covered by ivy. This is one pub that consists of four pubs. When you are starting your visit in this pub, first you will reach front bar. This part of the pub will welcome you bottled and draught beers. You will see there curious ornamentation including – airplanes, guitars, or scarves that hang from the pub ceiling. Another very interesting part is back side of the bar that continues the theme but it is designed in more relaxed and enjoyable way. You could think that it is the last part of the Faltering Fullback but it is not even half. If you are going further there is double doors that open you the surprise third part. The atmosphere is more raucous there and guests are focused around an elegant pool table. And it is still not finished. The next door leads you to the London’s incredible beer garden. Spending your time inside this pub you will enjoy every moment and you will taste delicious taste of beer.

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