Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in 2011

For all you music lovers, it can be very difficult to figure out the list of most popular singers, because each singer has its own good song that really moves you. However, we have managed to list out some best singers from the unending list, based on their popularity.  And, yeah if we missed out some of your favorites or you agree with our list, don’t hesitate to give us your feedback on the “comments” section. Following are the “Top Ten Most Popular Male Singers”.

1. Justin Bieber: I am sure this young sensational singer has given his Justin Bieber fever to almost everyone from kids to adults all over the world, whether they like it or not.  He was born on March 1st, 1994 and began his singing career in 2009. His delightful voice has made many young boys and girls go crazy. Bieber started his career in collaboration with the pop singer Usher, who is his mentor and best friend till now. Usher introduced him the world and crooned the songs like ONE TIME, BABY and many more that are voted the best new songs on the U.S. Billboard charts. He is young, good looking and talented that makes him gained popularity within no time.  The year 2011 was made for Justin and his sizzling girlfriend Selena Gomez, who is also an actress and pop singer. They were even voted the Teen Choice Female and Male Hottie in 2011 Teen Choice Awards.

2. Bruno Mars: Peter Gene Hernandez, popularly known by his stage name Bruno Mars is another amazing singer, record producer and a song writer. Bruno Mars was born on October 8th, 1985 and began his career in 2005. He rocked the music world with his charming voice in a very short span of time. He has co-written many lovely songs such as Billionaire, Nothing in You, Waving Flag and Right Round. His songs like Lazy song, Just the Way You Are and Grenade reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100.  They were even nominated for the 2011 Grammy Awards.  2011 was definitely a great year for this chocolate boy singer. I am sure; no one wants to keep their ipod without the songs of Bruno Mars.

 3. Pitbull: Armando Christian Perez, who is mostly known as the Pit-bull, was born on January 15th, 1981 and began his career in 2003. He is an excellent rapper, song writer, singer, TV host and a record producer. His first album was released in 2003, called the Kings of Crunk, followed with his next album “M.I.A.M.I”  in 2004. Later, he released his single album, known as “I Know You WANT Me” in 2009, which was such a big hit all over the world. His other songs like Rain Over Me, Give Me Everything Tonight, Hotel Room Service and Blanco are a hit in the Billboard Top 100 Charts. In 2011, there may be no any club, party or pub that doesn’t play Pitbull’s songs, especially the song “Give Me Everything Tonight”.

4. Enrique Iglesias:  He was born on May 8th, 1975 and began his career in 1995. Although he is a very talented, brilliant singer, actor, song writer, model and a producer, he is more known for his incredibly, sexy look. He has this wonderful voice that suits all kinds of songs ranging from dance numbers to intense romantic ones. His numbers like Dirty Dance, Tonight and Baby I like It have reached the peak in Billboards Top 100 in 2011. Enrique Iglesias has sold out more than 12 million albums in U.S.A. and many other countries, and he is still a sexy star for many young girls.

 5. Tinie Tempah: This star was born on November 7th, 1988 and started his career in2005. He is one of the most popular British rapper and earned the fame all over the world because of his amazing music.  His number-one singles like Till I am Gone, Miami 2 Ibiza, Frisky and written in the stars are topping the Billboard charts. There is definitely something in Tinie’s voice that makes you listen his music again and again.

6. David Guetta: He was born on November 7th, 1967 and began his career in 1996. He is a brilliant songwriter, singer, amazing DJ and record producer. When he is so talented like this, it’s not surprise to see him in top 10 most popular male singers’ right?? His first album was released in 2001 and later released more singles like Little Bad Girl, Memories, Sexy Bitch, Getting Over You and When Love Takes Over, which are topping in U.S and UK Billboard charts.

 7. Christ Brown: He was born on May 5th, 1987 and this young talented singer, dancer, actor and song writer has gained fame in a very young age. In 2005, he started his career and released many beautiful songs like Next to you feat Justin Bieber, Beautiful People, Kiss Kiss, Run it and With You. Most of his songs are nominated in the Billboard hot 100 charts. When it comes to his dance, he follows the step of Michael Jackson and gained so much popularity among many youngsters, including the fans of Michael Jackson.

 8. Akon: He got the most attractive and magical voice and is definitely one of the most popular male singers among youngsters and adults. Yes, I am talking about Akon, how we can forget him! He was born on April 16th, 1973 and began his career in 1996. His songs are topping the billboard charts, since from his first album till today. He definitely know how to produce breathtaking songs like Lonely, I wanna Love You, Smack That and Right Now. Akon has earned several music awards such as 6 Grammy Awards. He has also produced various hits in collaboration with other artists including Leona Lewis, Colby O’Donis and Lady Gaga.

 9. Taio Cruz:  This British singer, rapper and a songwriter was born on April, 23rd, 1983. Taio Cruz released his first album in 2008, which he did all by himself. He arranged, wrote and produced. Some of his big hits include Telling the World, Break Your Heart, Higher and Dynamite. He has been working very hard and producing many good numbers till now. There is no doubt that 2011 has been a great year for him and we definitely love to see more in 2012!!!

10. Usher: Usher Terry Raymond IV, better known as Usher, was born on October 14th, 1978. He is good looking, great singer, songwriter and a dancer, what else he needs to be on the top 10 most popular male singers??? In 1992, he began his career and till today, he has not disappointed his fans by producing many lovely songs. Almost every year, his songs have been topping in the Billboard Top 100. Some of his big hits include Love in the Club, Yeah, DJ Got Us Falling in Love and OMG, which had been such a big hit in 2011. Usher has even won several awards including “22 Billboard Music Awards”, “6 American Music Awards”, “4 World Music Awards” and “7 Grammy Awards”.

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