Health Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

Approximately 555,000 men suffer from heart attacks every year. 200,000 more men than women suffer from heart attacks each year. Men are at greater risk than women, and need to do what they can to take preventive measures and lead a healthy lifestyle. The American Heart Association recommends to promote a healthy heart one should consume long chain Omega 3 fatty acids. An excellent and easy way to get your daily dose of Omega 3s is by taking a Fish Oil supplement. I’m sure it doesn’t sound too appetizing, thinking of the taste of fish oil, but presently you can get gel caps to swallow, and even flavored oil, and chewable flavored gel caps which do not have an unpleasant smell or odor.

Not only does the Fish Oil help your heart but it also enhances your mental abilities. It spurs the production of two neurotransmitters in your brain which both enhance your cognitive abilities to concentrate and to relieve stress.

The Omega 3s in Fish Oil are also helpful in treating people with autoimmune disorders and dyslexia.

Fish Oil is also known to be good for healthy skin and hair, and protection against diseases such as colon cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

One note of caution: It is important to pick a Fish Oil Supplement with low mercury content. Havard Medical School issued a report after completing a study on 5 ‘Fish Oil Brands. They concluded that all 5 had insignificant amounts of mercury and either the mercury was taken out or the fish used were mercury free. Among those tested were Nordic Ultimate, Kirkland, and CVS.

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