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Teenage Marijuana Use

While you travel across the globe, walk through the streets, you can hear: pot, dope, grass, green or ganja. They are the names of the […]

How does one prevent Love Anxiety?

Love anxiety is not common to most people; some people do not even know that it exists. Most of the problems people in love experience […]

Why do Men Prefer Marriage freedom?

Most couples experience situations where one of them seeks to be free to do what ever he or she wants. This attitude has been noticed […]

What is your greatest weakness?

One of the most common questions that is always asked in a job interview is “what is your greatest weakness”. The answer to this question […]

How can you Overcome Fear of Challenges?

Fear of challenges is a very limiting factor to the growth and development of any individual. It can even be worst if an individual does […]

Sleep problems in Adults

There is a huge effect caused by the inability of an individual to sleep normally. Sleep problems is said to affect more that 40% of […]

Reasons why Most Men Smoke

The medical associations of different government have openly condemned the habit of smoking. But it seems as if the more condemnations smokers get, the more […]

Effects of Sensitive Emotions

It has been discovered by research that most people who have a sensitive emotions are faced with different challenges. Emotions affect people both psychologically and […]

Open Heart – Its Effects to the Success

Success is an attribute that follow hard word channeled in the right the direction. Efforts can only be fruitful if an individual has have the […]

The Characters of a Real Woman

This topic is important not just for men but even more important to women. Most people normally question the true character of a real woman, […]