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Spiritual Marriage – its concept

The concept of spiritual marriage is not understood by many nowadays. It originated from the concept of “love without sex”. In this, the couple who […]

Ways to approach Sincerity in Relationship

From close observation, it have been noticed that there is a slight deviation on the way most people approach love. Sincerity in relationship seems to […]

Religious Differences in Relationships

In the era of globalization there are more and more mixed marriages happening now. True love sees no boundaries and globalization creates more and more […]

Christian Male Baby Names

Naming a baby is a high priority for every parent. This is because it has been found out that the name of a baby influences […]

What is your greatest weakness?

One of the most common questions that is always asked in a job interview is “what is your greatest weakness”. The answer to this question […]

The Spiritual meaning of Eucharistic Adoration

For the Catholics, the Eucharistic adoration means so much to them. The Eucharist has a symbolical representation to all Catholics. The body and blood of […]

Effects of Religious Difference in Marriage

Togetherness is a basic concept of marriage. Diversity is one limiting factor of marriage. Success in marriage can be achieved when a husband and a […]

Open Minded Approach to Life

Life is full of challenges which can limit or frustrate an individual’s effort if he or she does not handle it carefully. Most people who […]

Diversities among Christian Teachers

The diversities among Christian teachers have been considered as misleading to the congregation and the Church in general. Over the years, most Christian teachers have […]

The Evaluation of Faith and Religion

Religion they say is a practice of faith. Faith and religion have always been an issue to plunder on for many people. For one to […]